• About Explore & Develop

  • Our educational approach is influenced by Early Childhood theorists, as well as current research and professional learning. We combine this knowledge to best reflect our beliefs, with regards to children’s education and development, as well as what we strive to implement in our practices. Our program incorporates The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and allows for a wide range of experiences that are based on the interests of the group. Close observation of children and contributions from parents and families to individualised learning opportunities. The EYLF has specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy), social and emotional development, as well as physical development and co-ordination. This can be seen in our environments, both inside and outside, and forms the foundation of everything we do.

    • Individually owned and operated

      Local mothers, Alison and Belinda, are on-site daily to manage and support our educators, families and children.

    • Rustic warehouse conversion

      Retaining the beautiful, rustic integrity of a former warehouse, this purpose built conversion provides a unique and inspiring learning environment for children.

    • Experienced team of educators

      All of our passionate educators hold qualifications and working with children checks and are committed to ongoing professional development.

    • Exceeding National Quality Standard

      Our service was assessed under the National Quality Framework and rated ‘Exceeding’ across all seven quality areas.

    • Naturally landscaped outdoor learning environments

      Our outdoor learning environments have been created to maximise an appreciation of the natural environment and stimulating sensory challenges.

    • Community and family-focused

      We are committed to forming supportive and genuine relationships with each other and our community. Some of ourinitiatives include a clothing drive for Yipirinya Indigenous School, Shoes for Planet Earth, Make-a-Wish Australia, Glebe TreeHouse and Kegworth Public School sponsorship.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Leichhardt
    • Alison and Belinda

      Alison  and Belinda are both mothers who are passionate about encouraging children to imagine, explore, discover and create, and are on-site every day to manage and support our educators, families and children.

    • You have created an environment that is fun, caring and interesting. Zoe has absolutely loved it there and so have we. We have not had a single moment since the day she started where she has resisted going to day care, and Bec will tell you just how hard it has been on occasion to get her to leave!
      Zoe has loved the educators, your facilities and the friends she has made. I have personally enjoyed spending time with your amazing staff who I feel have genuinely cared about her social, physical and emotional development. Explore & Develop Leichhardt is where Zoe took her first steps with the encouragement of your Joey team, and it is also where she has learned our new favourite song (the Pack Away song!)
      When things have been tough, you and your team have always gone that extra step to support and encourage us to persevere. I have no doubt whatsoever that your team has played a significant role in shaping her into the friendly, happy and confident little girl that she has become. For these things our family will be forever grateful.
      I hope you know just how much we have enjoyed our time at Explore & Develop Leichhardt.

      Hannah T.
    • We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Explore & Develop Leichhardt, especially the carers in the Koala room. Callum has had an amazing year and is growing into a strong willed, confident little man in no small part due to the direction and fabulous experiences you all help provide.

      Susan J.
    • The educators are all extremely approachable and listen to all concerns or queries I have around my child. They take everything on board and offer great support and insight if I am ever concerned about my child’s behaviour. I always feel like they have an open door policy and are positive and helpful – it feels like a partnership.

      2016 Family Feedback survey
    • Biggest strength is the fabulous caring and learning environment that is created on a daily basis that means my son often doesn’t want to leave and actively asks about his carers and daycare and all the adventures he gets up to with classmates when outside the centre. A lot of this is down to the amazing carers that work in the centre. We also really appreciate the ‘events’ the centre has exposing the children to music, aboriginal culture, all cultures etc. Fab job everyone we couldn’t ask for more.

      2016 Family Feedback survey
    • We think the Centre does an amazing job. The preschool program for the Wombats is fantastic and it’s great to see how much they learn! We also love seeing the variety in the children menu for the week (although we sometimes get a bit envious!)

      2016 Family Feedback survey
    • Extremely knowledgeable and caring educators. Very approachable and always thinking of new exciting activities for the children. Love getting Kinderloop updates – it is the highlight of my working day! It’s so nice to see how much the children are enjoying themselves whilst learning new and interesting things.

      2016 Family Feedback survey
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Leichhardt
  • 0 – 2 years

    We appreciate that for most children, our service is the first education and care environment that they encounter. With this in mind, our aim is to foster a welcoming and home-like ambiance, where children and their families feel a sense of security and belonging. We believe in working with families to ensure an individual flow of the day so as the rights and dignity of each child are embedded in their everyday routine and our practices.

  • Bilby Room

    2 – 3 years

    Ourtoddler environments deliver ahigh adult to child ratioand a space to explore, discover, create and imagine through play based learning. The environment and program is vibrant, flexible and responsive to the interests and abilities of each child.  It includes foundationliteracy and numeracy, construction, creative arts, music and pretend play experiences all designed for active and busy minds and bodies.

  • 3 – 5 years

    We believe that the preschool years are a precious and critical  stage of human development. We know that children need emotional and social skills appropriate to their stage of life and, through play-based learning, particular emphasis is placed on encouraging the development of the whole child, ensuring that children are confident within themselves to transition to school.

    Transitioning to school is more than being about a child’s age. In order for a successful and happy transition to school, children need to have a good grasp of language, motor co-ordination, social and emotional skills and facilitated development of literacy and numeracy confidence. Our educators utilise the Early Years Learning Framework as the foundation of our preschool curriculum.

  • Outdoor environment

    With multiple outdoor areas, the architecturally designed play spaces specifically cater for different age groups to promote the development of gross motor skills, an appreciation of the natural environment and stimulating sensory challenges.

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