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About Us

Privately owned and operated, Explore & Develop North Ryde provides a caring, creative, home-like environment that will support the learning and growth of each child that we care for.

Our centre is built to nurture and facilitate the development of all children across our four playrooms. Each playroom offers a program designed to cater for the unique needs of children from 6 week to 6 years of age.

Each room offers a multitude of experiences that will nurture, teach, challenge, and enable your child to absorb and learn from the world around them. We also facilitate calm times where children have space and encouragement to think, reflect and relax.


Education & Care

Our Team

Our caring committed educators are able to nurture children with higher than required child to educator ratios. There is always a hand to hold when joining in the fun and an enthusiastic teacher to look to for comfort and direction.

We value the unique and expansive opportunities that are afforded to our centre community by multilingual and multitalented staff, families and community figures.

The team at Explore & Develop North Ryde is comprised of qualified, dedicated and experienced Early Childhood Education and Care professionals.

The Learning Environment

We are focused on providing natural and sustainable outdoor playgrounds. Our play spaces are constructed out of natural materials such as timber for board walks, performance platforms and cubbys, as well as boulders and logs to provide gross motor challenges. Our sandpits are designed with accompanying water access. Our vegetable gardens, dirt patches and garden beds will encourage a variety of social and imaginative play experiences.

Native plants have been selected in the outdoor areas for their sensory features such as texture, scented properties, colour and seasonal changes as well as to attract birds and insects. These plantings, used throughout the play spaces, will encourage children to interact with the natural world. Our outdoor areas will provide your child with a wealth of sensory experiences through out their time at our centre.

We take great pride in our centre being as sustainable as possible. We use recycled materials in the internal and external design and build of the centre, rainwater where possible, and will be able to grow our own vegetables in our vegetable garden. We aim to teach our children to respect and care for their environment.

Explore & Develop North Ryde were finalists in the Australian Institute of Landscape Designs and Managers (AILDM) 2009 Design Awards in the 'Commercial Playground' category!

The Nursery Rooms (Joeys & Geckos)

Our  two nursery rooms offer calm, nurturing, homelike environments for babies and young toddlers.

Each day our team of dedicated professionals care for up to twelve children in each room, working collaboratively with families to ensure that babies feel secure and well looked after!

Our priority in the nursery rooms is ensuring consistency between the babies home life and their time at the centre. Wherever possible, feeding and sleeping routines will be developed in consultation with the parents. Every morning, educators will take the opportunity to speak with you, together deciding upon the best way that your child’s needs may be met. We understand that babies can be unpredictable - sleepless nights, teething, nappy rash... so we are always flexible.

All meals are provided - we just ask that formula be sent in every morning if necessary. This is to ensure that each child's specific requirements and family preferences, which are so important at this early stage, can be respected. Each child is given a cot in one of our beautiful sleep rooms. Babies in the nursery rooms are provided with linen, but are more than welcome to bring safe comforters or dummies if need be. To ensure that sleep times are restful, and that your child feels comfortable and secure sleeping in the room, he or she will use the same cot until they are ready to move onto a bed. Furthermore, an educator will stay with your child, if necessary, to comfort them.

The nursery rooms are equipped with a state of the art, natural outdoor playscape. This environment offers children a change to explore their world in an authentic way, providing very real opportunities for learning and growth.

Imagination and creativity are highly valued in these rooms. Music and visual arts experiences are offered regularly, and change with the children's developing interests. We understand that children of this age can be at drastically different developmental stages and we try to accommodate the development of all of these in our weekly programs.

Educators are always working towards extending themselves professionally and are constantly reflecting upon contemporary research in order to ensure the best possible experience for each and every child.

The Toddlers (Turtles)

Once your child is ready, he or she will be welcomed into our toddlers room!

This room will be staffed by three permanent primary educators.

A typical day in the toddler's room is full of excitement, opportunities for exploration and discovery. We follow the Early Years Learning Framework in developing our program to ensure it offers a variety of child directed, child inspired and educator guided opportunities. We value play based learning as an ideal context for young children’s development and this is reflected in our practice. An interest based approach takes the whole child into account, focussing on their social, interpersonal, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental needs. We believe that children have a right to be appreciated as they are, and not just who they are going to be.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to interest based emergent play in order to inspire children to engage in a truly immersive learning experience. We are attentive to, and really value, the expertise, cultural experience, knowledge and interests of children. A strong emphasis is placed on the ways in which children are able to teach and learn from each other, as well as from their educators.

We understand that ‘toddlerhood’ is a time rich in transitions – from cot to bed, bottle to cup, nappies to undies – and strive to support families and children as these skills emerge and expand. At Explore and Develop North Ryde, we value the input of parents, as it has been shown that feelings of security and confidence can be enhanced with consistency between the home and care setting. We will develop in consultation with you, an ‘action plan’ to make sure that these transitions are managed well and are enjoyable for your child.

In the toddler's room, the children are offered morning tea, a hot lunch, afternoon tea and a small late afternoon snack. Our meals are nutritionally balanced and very satisfying! After lunch, a rest/sleep time is offered to (and usually appreciated by) all children.

The Young Preschool (Frogs)

At Explore & Develop North Ryde we provide the children with a fun, innovative educational program sourced from children's interests. Using the Early Years Learning Framework, we support each child's varied developmental needs. We work to extend and expand their existing skill sets whilst designing experiences to support the development of new skills.

In the young preschool room, learning journeys often take the form of extended whole group projects. We brainstorm, discuss, question, research, regroup and synthesise our learning in the form of a display. Projects may run for any length of time - sometimes over months! - depending on the children's level of interest. Literacy, numeracy and thinking skills such as recall and problem solving are integrated into the experiences to make learning both enjoyable, authentic and valuable; with research suggesting that when children discover something for themselves that knowledge is more likely to be sustained.

Our aim is to create a place of wonder, where inspired exploration and discovery are a daily experience.

The Preschool (Crocs)

Our Vision

We envision a preschool where all children feel welcomed, accepted, loved and happy! This will be a place where children want to go, and look forward to attending. We will work in genuine collaborative partnerships with children, families and our local community to ensure the provision of an invaluable resource to all who are involved with us.

The Balance of Education and Care
At Explore and Develop North Ryde we believe that children have a right to receive both quality education and nurturing care.

Educators are dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for each and every child.

Lower than average ratios allow educators and carers to really get to know the children, their families and their individual cultures.

Our philosophy promotes an inclusive, anti-bias curriculum. We welcome children from all backgrounds. We believe that every child has the right to feel safe, esteemed and loved. Each child and their family will be valued regardless of any personal characteristic, circumstance, feature of lifestyle, social group or culture.

By modelling authentic respect towards diversity, we encourage children to accept, appreciate and admire difference.

In the Crocs Room, we are committed to laying strong educational foundations for children in their preschool years.

The Early Years Learning Framework guides our teaching practices. Our personal philosophy draws on the ideas of contemporary theorists such as Vygotski, Piaget, Malaguzzi and AS Neill.
Our emergent curriculum is constantly changing, building upon the interests of the children. Educators are constantly on the lookout for themes which pop up in children’s conversation that may then be taken and built upon in a project. Our options are limitless. Educators observe children’s interests and decide upon the ways to best incorporate the kindergarten key learning areas (English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Human Society and Its Environment, Creative Arts and Personal Development. Health & Physical Education) into these themes.

Children, educators and parents perpetually offer suggestions to extend on and continue with the program until this interest wanes. Project work is documented through photos, diary entries, displayed work samples and classroom installations and is available forteh children to  revisit whenever they request to do so.
The social focus system encourages the effective development and enhancement of life skills with a focus on conflict resolution. Children are taught to understand the value and power of words. By placing heightened emphasis on the importance of using “I” statements and clarifying needs with verbal communication (and never using our hands), children are given opportunities to practice their social skills and further develop their capacity for effective emotional regulation. Current research suggests that the benefits of effective, early, socio-emotional regulatory skills include a tendency towards successful peer relationships and positive academic outcomes! Each month, a “snapshot” of how this social focus has emerged in the classroom will be featured in this portfolio.

School Readiness

While all kindergarten key learning areas are covered in our program, we believe that children have a right to be prepared for the specific changes that will occur with their transition to school. Individualised programs are developed with input from the child, parents, our preschool educator, and (circumstances permitting) with the child’s future teacher. This way, children and parents may approach the transition to school with confidence in the fact that their child may be familiar with the expectations of their school, thus minimising the stress that may come with adjusting to the new environment.

To achieve this:

-School specific skills such as opening a lunch box, packing a bag, identifying belongings with a number of systems (labelled with a full name, initials, symbol etc) will be incorporated into the program towards the end of the pre-school year.
-Opportunities will be sought to encourage literacy skills including letter and word recognition and formation. All children will be presented with multiple opportunities to write and recognise their names, interact with written texts (particularly with our enviable range of picture books!) and develop familiarity with a range of text types (reading and writing letters and emails, rosters, diaries, poster presentations…)
-The amount of time spent in a class group will increase gradually throughout the year. Nap times will be replaced by quiet activities such as group story time, music or art appreciation. The value and importance of turn taking in group situations will  be emphasised.
-Children will be encouraged to take an active role in class management. The group will be responsible for packing away toys, setting and justifying class ‘agreements’ (rules) and deciding on the décor of the room. Research has shown that when children are aware of their own efficacy in regards to classroom management, they are more interested in maintaining and developing it. Imagine how happy the kindergarten teacher will be when your child not only takes an interest in the aesthetics of their classroom but encourages the other children to appreciate and respect their environment as well!


Our Community

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