Explore & Develop Abbotsford is situated within “Chatham House”, a heritage listed federation house.  A new purpose built educational play space surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, is the ideal location to encourage children’s curiosity and exploration.

We are committed to delivering high quality early years’ education. Everything we do is about empowering children to succeed in life.

We believe children have the right to access rich learning environments that support our inquiry-based pedagogy and educational outcomes. We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a national curriculum framework, as the basis for developing our program.

Educational Program & Practice

Our inquiry-based pedagogy is designed to inspire children’s natural curiosity to explore, discover, question and imagine as they learn through play. Children’s ideas, interests, strengths, and capabilities form the foundation of our curriculum and drive our goal setting process. Our program includes a wide variety of rich learning opportunities across a range of curriculum areas. This also includes regular incursions, excursions, language and music lessons. Our mixed-age environments also provide unique learning opportunities as children learn and challenge each other.

Our Team

Our educators provide provisions to guide, reflect and scaffold meaningful learning to support children in reaching their potential.


We believe partnerships with families provide valuable knowledge and diversity, contributing to our positive learning community. We do this through transparent, clear communication and meaningful engagement with all stakeholders.

Locally, family-owned and operated

Susan and Robert Feltaous, parents of 2 children, will be on-site daily to manage and support our educators, families and children.

Strong connection with families

We believe building, strong respectful relationships with families is key to helping children to belong.

High-quality learning environments

The service has been thoughtfully designed in collaboration with leading architects, landscape designers, skilled and experienced early childhood professionals to create an environment that will be nurturing and stimulating, whilst providing appropriate levels of challenge and risk, to engage the natural curiosity and developmental growth for children at every stage.

All-inclusive service

We feel that no child within our service should go without. This is why we developed an all-inclusive offering for families. Fresh seasonal menu, formula, nappies and wipes and bedding for all age groups. A high quality educational curriculum that includes a comprehensive transition to school program.

Also included are:

  • Spanish language classes provided by a qualified language organisation
  • Music Classes by a qualified music teacher
  • Nutrition – All meals freshly cooked on premises
  • Flexibility – casual bookings and discounts
  • All incursions


of Explore & Develop Abbotsford

Susan Feltaous
Susan Feltaous
Rob Feltaous
Rob Feltaous

“As parents, our passion is to deliver a high-quality, early learning and education service that meets our own standards for our family. ‘Is this good enough for our children?’ is the question that is asked of everything we do, here.”


Explore & Develop Abbotsford

Explore & Develop Childcare Abbotsford - babies room
Explorers and Discoverers

0 – 24 months

Our Nursery rooms were intentionally designed to be small and intimate to assist in developing strong bonds between children and educators. Your child’s daily routine is based on that at home to ensure a consistency of care.

Your child will be engaged in a range of learning experiences, including gross motor and sensory experiences to help them reach their developmental potential.

Our open door policy means you are welcome at any time to visit your child and to share in the everyday programs at our service.

Our fees are inclusive of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies, bed linen, formula and sunscreen and all incursions throughout the year.

Explore & Develop Childcare Abbotsford - innovators room

2 – 3 years

This group of children is building on those newly developing skills, such as speech and language, interacting and exploring their environment and learning to share and problem solve with their peers. This age group is also likely to be developing independence at meal times and toilet training and our experienced educators are here to foster these emerging skills.

Our fees are inclusive of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies, bed linen and sunscreen. Music & Spanish lessons included twice a week as well as many incursions throughout the year.

Explore & Develop Childcare Abbotsford - preschool room

3 – 5 years

Our Preschool classroom is led by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, delivering a curriculum to focus on children’s social and emotional skills, which children can utilise on a daily basis and readiness in a formal schooling environment.

Building on the skills developed in the Innovators room, this group of children are naturally curious about their environment.

We encourage children to be explorers, problem solvers and creators. To support children in this, our program focuses on fostering self-esteem, emotional well-being, communication, socialisation, collaboration and self-help skills.

Explore & Develop Abbotsford will participate in the Early Learning Languages Australia program (ELLA) programELLA is a digital, play-based program which includes a series of interactive applications (apps), aimed at making language learning engaging and interesting to young children in preschool.

Our comprehensive School Readiness Program covers the key Kindergarten Learning areas.

Our fees are inclusive of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, bed linen and sunscreen. Music & Spanish lessons included twice a week as well as many incursions throughout the year.

Explore & Develop Childcare Abbotsford - Outdoor environment
Outdoor environment

Our physical environment is regarded as equal in importance to that of the educators’ role. The multi award winning design team have designed a children’s oasis. A focus on a natural environment with plants, water, rocks, sand and dirt provide our children an environment to explore, discover and enjoy.


Explore & Develop Abbotsford


Chatham House
380 Great North Rd
Abbotsford NSW

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm