Explore & Develop Alexandria is a privately owned and operated, boutique service, which takes a refreshingly different approach to Early Childhood Education and Care.

Our approach honours young children as equal members in relationships. We are dedicated to creating an authentic, resourceful and respectful culture in our service. We allow children to unfold in their own way, and in their own time, recognising them as capable and competent people with agency and rights. Children are given the space to explore, discover and develop in many different areas, and inspire themselves and others.

We take an integrated model approach to quality education and care of our children by using a variety of theorists. Our educators keep on top of current practices and research. Some of our unique attributes include the animals within the service, our mud pit for the children, our treeline outlook, our own chef who cooks all meals here, and our tranquil like environments. Regular music and sports programs also enhance the children’s learning and development.

Our service is licensed for 78 children per day and is located in the ‘Collins on Bourke’ complex. We cater for children aged 0 – 6 years.


We encourage children to learn and grow at their own pace, and provide a haven for young children to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Strong connection with families

We believe that working in partnership with families is essential to ensuring continuity and progression in a child’s learning and development.

Open communication

We value open communication with families through direct contact with our team of educators, newsletters, parent communication board, emails and information evenings.

Experienced and dedicated staff

We have a team of long term qualified educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with children and families. The team are committed to continuous professional learning and development ensuring children receive the highest standards of education and care.


The facilities we offer children and families is varied and unique. From mud pits, to our vast natural outdoor areas, to the animals within our service, the children are learning important knowledge, skills and attitudes that will not only prepare them for their transition to school but for lifelong learning.

Boutique environment

Our service is best described as boutique. We offer a nurturing, family feeling, where relationships are valued and the unique nature of each child is preserved and respected.


of Explore & Develop Alexandria

Explore & Develop 
Rita Dias

Explore & Develop Alexandria is privately owned by Rita Dias, a mother of three boys.

The Explore & Develop Alexandria team are dedicated Early Childhood specialists. With a team of long-term staff, Explore & Develop Alexandria has established itself as employee of choice for those wanting careers in a professional and progressive Early Childcare service. Owner and Operator, Rita Dias, has created a unique environment for both staff and families within the service, making it a very natural, welcoming and tranquil area for all. The service has purpose-built areas to enhance child development.

“As an Early Childhood Provider, relationships are the heart of everything I do. Ensuring genuine nurturing and positive relationships with our children, families and each staff member is essential to Explore & Develop Alexandria. Children need to feel safe, secure and supported, giving them the confidence so that they continue to explore and learn throughout their life. My aim is to try and achieve open communication between the educators and families within this service and the community in this area and watch all children reach their full potential before starting school.”


Explore & Develop Alexandria

Explore & Develop Alexandria child care and preschool

birth – 2 years

Children’s learning and development starts at birth and our aim is to provide a safe, clean, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children in our care. The room is divided giving the younger infants and the older infants their own spaces where they feel safe, secure and nurtured. Two beautifully designed cot rooms to ensure a home-like environment. Age appropriate resources, materials and equipment are provided to encourage children to explore and investigate using all their senses.

Explore & Develop Alexandria child care and preschool

2 – 3 years

The spaces in our 2-3 years environment, are designed to encourage the children to explore, discover, create and imagine through a play-based curriculum. The environment and program is vibrant and flexible and responsive to the interests and abilities of each child. Learnings include puzzles, literacy and numeracy activities, construction activities, creative arts, music and pretend play set-ups.

Explore & Develop Alexandria child care and preschool
Pre School

4 – 5 years

This room provides a specially designed preschool program that focuses on both the academic, social and emotional skills of the children. Whilst preparing children for school there is a strong emphasis on developing the children’s confidence and independence as well as the necessary skills for starting school and lifelong learning.

The areas within the room are organised to allow for easy flow between experiences, creating a sense of order, a feeling of belonging and opportunities for children to make choices, collaborate with others, be active or quiet or find a space where they can think, dream and watch others.

Our aim is to resource children with technologies to investigate their environment. There is an active Smart Board and iPads as part of the preschool program to assist in fostering children’s language skills, creativity, constructive interactions, thinking and problem solving skills.

Explore & Develop Alexandria child care and preschool
Outdoor environment

Our outdoor play space is designed with an emphasis on natural and sustainable areas with specific multi-use and specific play purposes. Our aim is to provide an outdoor play space that invites open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. Spaces have been created where children can have a relaxing and peaceful experience either alone or together in a group.


Explore & Develop Alexandria


Bourke on Collins
level 1/100 Collins St
Alexandria NSW 2015

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm