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  • Explore & Develop Annandale’s blog is a place for our team of educators to share our thoughts and perspectives on our pedagogy and practice. From short excepts of documentation, of wonderings to longer pieces of work, our blog gives the community an insight into our work and we ask you to engage with us in a professional dialogue.

    • Pollinators; A Bee Inspired Exhibition
          Around this time two years ago, our Stingless Native Bee Hive arrived and our little school on the roof became obsessed! As I write this 2021, I cannot help but reflect on how much this little box in the garden has influenced the choices we have made the past two years. Everything from [...]
    • Becoming Continent; A Guide to Toilet Training
      Toilet training is one of the biggest challenges for parents. When to start, how to start, do you go straight to undies? Basically, being “toilet trained” means a child moves from a state of incontinence to a state of continence and it usually takes some time for children to be completely competent at using the [...]