Breakfast Point

Explore & Develop Breakfast Point has been fostering Early Childhood Education since 2006. With a strong community presence, our service aims at developing valuable partnerships with our families, our children and the local community. As an exceeding service, we support children’s learning and development by providing a stimulating, encouraging and nurturing environment that is both inclusive and recognises diversity.

Our curriculum and practices are guided by the National Law and Regulations, The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard. Our educators are influenced by play-based learning that incorporates children’s interests, teacher initiated goals and spontaneity. Educators are inspired to create learning areas that are inviting and stimulate curiosity. Children play an active role in developing our curriculum which is supported through on-going planning, analysing, evaluating and reflecting, to ensure meaningful learning is taking place.

We provide children with a safe, homely environment that generates confidence and encourages children to feel empowered. Our healthy, nutritional and diverse menu ensures that children’s nutritional needs are always met.

We recognise the importance of high-quality education. Our experienced and qualified educators are provided with on-going training opportunities and mentoring sessions to ensure learning and practices are current.

We support Early Childhood Education by encouraging children to develop skills that will support their life beyond Explore & Develop.

Individually owned and operated

Mothers, Jayne and Michelle, lead the team and the operations of the service. As owners, they are on-site daily and are a constant support to the team, children and families.

Exceeding National Quality Standard

Under the National Quality Framework, Explore & Develop Breakfast Point was delighted to receive an ‘Exceeding Rating‘ in all seven Quality Areas of the National Quality Standard, acknowledging our continuous commitment to the highest possible standards of education and care.

Experienced and skilled team of educators

All educators within our service hold qualifications and Working With Children Checks. The service offers higher staff-to-child ratios than required. Ongoing professional development is embraced by our educators. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and retain our team, with several educators celebrating 10 years of partnership with the service.

Transition to School Program

Starting School is a significant milestone in the life of any child and family. Explore & Develop Breakfast Point supports the essential foundations for learning for all children and in doing so provides a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum where children are learning important knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will not only prepare them for school but for lifelong learning.

Click on the link to find out more about our ‘Transition to School Program‘.

Outdoor natural environment

Our outdoor learning area is inspired by our natural environment and sustainability practices. Our educators develop programs and learning opportunities that promote and encourage children to develop connections with their natural world. Children are encouraged to help in taking care of our flowers, plants, herbs and worm farm. Outdoor settings are created using natural products and materials.

Community partnerships

We value partnerships with families and the community. Building relationships and connections with local businesses and organisations within the community helps us to further meet the needs of our families and their children. We love participating in community events such as the Adidas Fun Run, Anzac Day Memorial Ceremony, SIDS Fund Raising, Crazy Hair Day Fund Raising and consulting with local Indigenous leaders.


of Explore & Develop Breakfast Point

Explore & Develop Breakfast Point Child Care & Preschool
Michelle and Jayne

Explore & Develop Breakfast Point has been privately owned and operated by Jayne and Michelle for over 17 years. Both Jayne and Michelle are mothers and have a publishing industry background. After many years of running several successful corporate ventures, they embarked on an Early Childhood career together.

Since opening the service in 2006, they have built a high-quality reputation among their families and their local community. They are passionate about providing quality education and care, and offer a holistic approach towards the well-being of the child, paving the way for a successful transition to school, and for lifelong learning.


Explore & Develop Breakfast Point

Bilby Group

6 weeks – 2 years

Our aim is to develop a strong partnership with our families to ensure we cater for each child’s individual routines and needs. We provide a safe home-like environment that is nurturing, caring and warm, contributing to children’s sense of security, confidence and learning.

Bilby Group fees: $180.00 per day.

Little Koala Group

2 – 3 years

We support learning by creating an environment that is stimulating, inviting and challenging. Among other areas, we acknowledge that the emotional well-being of our toddlers require consistency and flexibility to support development in all aspects of learning. Our toddlers are provided with endless opportunities to support their growing independence.

Little Koala Group fees: $175.00 per day

Big Koala Group

2.5 – 3.5 years

Our program continues to extend on children’s learning, focusing on children’s interests, individuality, social development and independence. We foster learning by providing an environment that encourages exploration, imagination and discovery. Further opportunities exist for language development through a variety of small group discussions that take place daily.

Big Koala Group fees: $175.00 per day

Pre School Room

3 – 6 years

Our preschool program provides children with the tools that will support learning beyond Explore & Develop. Our learning environments caters for a variety of individual needs. Opportunities exist to build the foundations for literacy and numeracy skills, motor co-ordination, physical development, social and emotional development, exploration and discovery.

Our ‘Transition to School’ program is supported by all our educators, who aim at providing consistent learning through-out our service. Click on the link to find out more about our ‘Early Foundations for Lifelong learning – Transition to School Program’.

Pre School fees: $165.00 per day

E&D Breakfast Point Child Care - Outdoor
Outdoor environment

Our outdoor environment aims to stimulate children’s senses and inspires children to appreciate nature. Our generous outdoor space is designed to provide children with freedom to explore and discover. Designed with two separate play environment’s, we are able to cater to our under 2’s group and over 2’s group.


Explore & Develop Breakfast Point


2 Cross Street, Breakfast Point,
NSW 2137
(Village Centre)

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm