• About Explore & Develop

  • Explore & Develop Brookvale operates three learning environments, each catering to the needs of a different age group.

    We are located at 122-126 Old Pittwater Road behind Warringah Mall. Our curriculum approach takes the whole child into account, focusing on their social, interpersonal, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental needs. The children are exposed to a variety of materials, textures and natural resources to create an open-ended style of play, which has unlimited possibilities. We dedicate a significant amount of time to interest based emergent play in order to inspire children to engage in a truly immersive learning experience. We are attentive too, and really value, the expertise, cultural experience, knowledge and interests of our children.

  • Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    Explore & Develop Brookvale Child Care
    • Consistency in staff

      Our staff are the essence of our business.

    • Boutique

      Smaller groups of children and a purposeful, highly-specialised and individualised curriculum.

    • Inviting spaces

      Our beautifully designed areas, nurture a homely feeling in the environment.

    • Holistic approach to learning

      Each child is respected as an individual and will find different learning opportunities through different paths. With this holistic approach, we can focus on the unique aspects of the child.

    • Transition to School program

      The most important factors for a successful start and continued learning at school, relate to a child’s social and emotional development. Our primary objective is to develop and enhance this development, in preparation.

    • Owner-Operator managed

      Our service is run by an Owner-Operartor who is passionate and invested in delivering a high-quality service.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Brookvale
    • Charlene

      Explore & Develop Brookvale is privately owned and operated by Charlene. Charlene brings to the service a corporate background in Human Resources and Early Childhood.  Charlene has an in-depth understanding of many of the issues that come with raising a family, from both a child and parent viewpoint.

      “Holding a Human Resources Degree, a Diploma in Children’s Service and a Diploma in Energetic Healing, I find that these tools transfer to human relations with children, employees and families.My passion lies in the use of natural therapies and counselling to benefit one’s progression through the many stages of life. I am a mum to Skye and Jack, and enjoy exploring with my beautiful family, walking my dog on the beach, running and floristry.”

    • It is a pleasure to write this testimonial.
      My first daughter Peggie started at Explore & Develop Brookvale when she was 9 months old, it was not easy leaving her but Charlene and the team made me feel better and reassured me she would be fine. Peggie is now 4.5, she thoroughly enjoys coming to pre-school and her sister Bessie is thriving in the baby room. We consider ourselves and our girls incredibly lucky to have got places at Explore and Develop when we did – we have never had any regrets.
      I have taken for granted the strong relationship that I have with Charlene and her team at Explore & Develop, it is only when I speak to other mums with kids at other daycare centres that I realise that having such great relationships with the staff is not the norm. I love the clean, spacious, bright and nurturing environment that Explore & Develop provides, not just for the children but for the whole family. The low staff turnover means both our girls are really comfortable with all the staff and have known most of them for the whole time they have been at Explore & Develop. When my youngest Bessie started daycare she often came home smelling of perfume which gave me great comfort knowing she was held and hugged when she was feeling upset – she now walks into the baby room full of confidence and waves goodbye to me!
      Charlene goes above and beyond in her efforts to integrate family with childcare creating a community environment for all involved, some examples include Christmas markets, summer picnics, experts coming in to talk about children behaviour/nutrition we also get regular emails about up and coming parenting seminars in the local area.
      The team at Explore & Develop treats each child as an individual and helps them reach their full potential; we appreciate the care and guidance the staff has shown to our girls.
      Our family are extremely happy with Explore & Develop Brookvale, i cant praise it enough!

      Samantha Selby & Paul Valentine
    • Just a note to let you know how happy we are with Explore & Develop Brookvale. I was initially hesitant about sending Charlie to daycare but honestly could not have been more pleasantly surprised. It has made the transition for him an absolute breeze. He loves his kindy days and we are constantly impressed with the range of activities for him to engage in and the care and support from both Charlene and all the excellent teachers in the Bilbies room.
      The daily photos and explanations of what the children are up to is a huge comfort to us as parents, seeing what they are up to each day and we are so grateful for the generous, gentle, loving, caring nature of everyone we’ve dealt with.
      I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful centre and I tell everyone of the fantastic experience we are having with Charlie at your centre and how we feel so very lucky to have found such a fantastic environment for Charlie to be in each week.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Natalie and Dave Smith
    • It’s a big decision finding the right day care for your child. I know for me it was. I have high standards and wanted to find a second home for my precious child. Without family around and having to work full time it was important I found that special place. I was recommended Explore & Develop by another mum & child care worker on Facebook and I hit the jackpot when I found the Brookvale centre! At first I hesitated moving from a centre with a backyard, but now I can’t imagine being anywhere else! This centre offers so much more on every level and the outdoor area is brilliant and ever-evolving. My child leaves for school next year and I just wish he could stay at Charlene’s centre til high school!! It’s not only the community feel and small centre that’s appealing, it’s the reassurance knowing you have an onsite director and owner who puts her heart and soul into the centre – down to the amazing indoor and outdoor play equipment, the activity based learning, the education standards, the incursions, to the high quality food served and most importantly, the outstanding, caring and engaging teaching staff – it’s no wonder the staff never leave! It’s all about the little things and Explore & Develop Brookvale has it. And at the end of the day you can tell how wonderful the centre is by the smiles on the children’s faces, they’re content and love being there – my child included. I could go on, so please feel free to contact me via Charlene and I will gladly vouch my words for those that are seeking reassurance.

      Melissa Nolan (Joel aged 4)
    • From day one, we absolutely loved this centre. Charlene, the centre’s owner and Director, is amazing! Working tirelessly to make sure everything is managed and maintained to the highest standard – while ensuring a wonderfully warm, welcoming and family-focussed environment. This centre is truly unique. Our boys have always been encouraged to explore and participate freely, invited to test their own boundaries and limits, and are provided with a wealth of the most exciting and creative learning opportunities on a daily basis! The staff at the centre demonstrate amazing patience and love for our boys. It is so wonderful knowing that when I drop them off in the morning, they will be looked after with nothing but care and kindness, by people they really trust. We feel really lucky to be part of the Explore & Develop family. Thank you to Charlene and the team!

      Catherine Adlebert
    • I’ve been really happy with the results at Explore & Develop Brookvale. Their balance of educational versus playtime is outstanding and their contribution to my son’s development over the last few years has been significant. It’s put him in very good stead for school next year. Our son looks forward to preschool each day and that makes me very happy.

      Andrew Heywood
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Brookvale
  • 0 – 2 years

    Our main priority in the Nursery is ensuring consistency between the baby’s home life and their time at the service, through constant collaboration with families. Flexibility is the key to settling this age group and building ongoing relationships.

  • 2 – 3 years

    A busy stage of development where children aged 2 – 3 ½ are intent on discovering new things about themselves and their environment. Small group size and high adult to child ratios are a feature.We take an emergent approach to curriculum development, as such, our program offers a variety of child directed, child inspired and educator guided opportunities. We value play-based learning as an ideal context for young children’s development and this is reflected in our practice.

  • 3 – 5 years

    Our Preschool room offers a unique program that is Reggio-inspired, international, holistic, and enquiry-driven. Woven intrinsically into the National Curriculum – Early Years Learning Framework, we recognise the importance of play, hence our programs are child-centered and play-focused. Every opportunity for play that is introduced into the curriculum has an underlying objective. This may be the development of skills in the pre-language/pre-math, cognitive or social areas or just for the enjoyment of engaging with our peers.

  • Outdoor environment

    Our outdoor environment is shared by the Toddler and Pre-school children, with a separate outdoor environment catering for our Baby Room which ensures all children feel safe, secure and confident to explore.  Our outdoor area is located on a balcony andwe pride ourselves on the natural elements of our outdoor learning environment. The backdrop of established trees, shrubs, garden beds, rocks, grass areas, edible gardens, digging patch and sandpits offer opportunities for open-ended imaginative play and a variety of sensory experiences.  These opportunities allow children to strengthen their sense of agency and gain understandings about the natural world.

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