Explore & Develop Brookvale operates three learning environments, each catering to the needs of a different age group.

We are located at 122-126 Old Pittwater Road behind Warringah Mall.

Our curriculum approach takes the whole child into account, focusing on their social, interpersonal, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental needs.

The children are exposed to a variety of materials, textures and natural resources to create an open-ended style of play, which has unlimited possibilities.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to interest based emergent play in order to inspire children to engage in a truly immersive learning experience. We are attentive too, and really value, the expertise, cultural experience, knowledge and interests of our children.

Consistency in staff

Our staff are the essence of our business.


Smaller groups of children and a purposeful, highly-specialised and individualised curriculum.

Inviting spaces

Our beautifully designed areas, nurture a homely feeling in the environment.

Holistic approach to learning

Each child is respected as an individual and will find different learning opportunities through different paths. With this holistic approach, we can focus on the unique aspects of the child.

Transition to School program

The most important factors for a successful start and continued learning at school, relate to a child’s social and emotional development. Our primary objective is to develop and enhance this development, in preparation.

Owner-Operator managed

Our service is run by an Owner-Operator who is passionate and invested in delivering a high-quality service.


of Explore & Develop Brookvale

Explore & Develop Brookvale - Charlene Fredman

Explore & Develop Brookvale is privately owned and operated by Charlene. Charlene brings to the service a corporate background in Human Resources and Early Childhood. Charlene has an in-depth understanding of many of the issues that come with raising a family, from both a child and parent viewpoint.

“Holding a Human Resources Degree, a Diploma in Children’s Service and a Diploma in Energetic Healing, I find that these tools transfer to human relations with children, employees and families.My passion lies in the use of natural therapies and counselling to benefit one’s progression through the many stages of life. I am a mum to Skye and Jack, and enjoy exploring with my beautiful family, walking my dog on the beach, running and floristry.”


Explore & Develop Brookvale

Explore and Develop Brookvale Child Care
0 – 2 years

Our main priority in the Nursery is ensuring consistency between the baby’s home life and their time at the service, through constant collaboration with families. Flexibility is the key to settling this age group and building ongoing relationships.

Explore and Develop Brookvale Child Care
2 – 3 years

A busy stage of development where children aged 2 – 3 ½ are intent on discovering new things about themselves and their environment. Small group size and high adult to child ratios are a feature.We take an emergent approach to curriculum development, as such, our program offers a variety of child directed, child inspired and educator guided opportunities. We value play-based learning as an ideal context for young children’s development and this is reflected in our practice.

Explore and Develop Brookvale Child Care
3 – 5 years

Our Preschool room offers a unique program that is Reggio-inspired, international, holistic, and enquiry-driven. Woven intrinsically into the National Curriculum – Early Years Learning Framework, we recognise the importance of play, hence our programs are child-centered and play-focused. Every opportunity for play that is introduced into the curriculum has an underlying objective. This may be the development of skills in the pre-language/pre-math, cognitive or social areas or just for the enjoyment of engaging with our peers.

Explore and Develop Brookvale Child Care
Outdoor environment

Our outdoor environment is shared by the Toddler and Pre-school children, with a separate outdoor environment catering for our Baby Room which ensures all children feel safe, secure and confident to explore. Our outdoor area is located on a balcony andwe pride ourselves on the natural elements of our outdoor learning environment. The backdrop of established trees, shrubs, garden beds, rocks, grass areas, edible gardens, digging patch and sandpits offer opportunities for open-ended imaginative play and a variety of sensory experiences. These opportunities allow children to strengthen their sense of agency and gain understandings about the natural world.


Explore & Develop Brookvale


Ground Floor
122 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm