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  • Explore & Develop Camperdown embraces the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

    The EYLF is a national curriculum framework, which covers birth to five years and support transition to formal schooling. The EYLF has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning providing the most stimuli for brain development. The Framework also recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.


    Explore & Develop Camperdown applies an emergent curriculum approach.

    An emergent curriculum is based on the theory that if a child is engaged in an activity that interests them, it is the educator’s role to collaborate and support that engagement. Our approach is all-inclusive—encompassing the child’s intellectual, social and moral development, which is cultivated through short and long term projects that can continue throughout the year.

    Our Early Childhood educators are trained to understand how children learn and educators consider themselves partners in the learning journey. Children are not viewed as empty vessels to be filled with the educator’s knowledge, but rather are respected as capable to carry out their own learning through their own curiosity, potential and interests.  Our educational leaders spend several hours per week discussing, planning and observing children’s learning programs. Documentation is used as a basis for developmental assessment, including art works, photos of classroom activities and projects, journals, portfolios and even children’s comments and discussions.

    Our physical environment is regarded as equal in importance to that of the educators’ role. The award winning design team of Co-AP Architects and Landscape Architect, Fiona Robbe, has designed and landscaped our space. A focus on a natural environment with plants, water, rocks, sand, dirt provide our children an environment to explore, discover and enjoy.

    • Locally, family-owned and operated

      Locals, Susan and Robert Feltaous, own and operate Explore & Develop Camperdown ensuring a quality education and care service.

    • Focused on high-quality and diverse learning experiences

      We believe in a strong relationship between the home and the service, and we encourage and promote family involvement. We believe that children benefit the most when the child’s family and the service work together. Working together not only creates an environment of support for the child, but also helps to foster a better understanding of the goals and objectives of the program by the family, and helps us maintain a quality program.

    • Exceeding National Quality Standard

      Explore & Develop Camperdown received a rating of “Exceeding National Quality Standard”.

    • Award-winning architectural design

      The adaptive reuse of an Inner West warehouse underpins the sustainability credentials of our purpose-built, Early Learning service. Winners of the 2015 NSW Architecture Awards in the Educational category, awarded by the Australian Institute of Architecture. The project was also shortlisted in the Sustainability category and nominated for the NSW Premier’s Prize.
      We are proud to be winners of the 2014 Sydney Design Awards
      Finalist in the 2014 Interior Design Award
      Our eco-friendly facility provides premium quality and nurturing care for children aged six weeks up to six years, with the design of the learning environment creating engaging spaces for children to interact with their peer group.

    • Experienced, highly qualified and passionate team of educators

      We provide:

      • Higher staff-to-child ratios than required under the National Quality Framework
      • Highly qualified full-time educators who are committed to further professional development and training
      • A focus on low staff turnover ensure strong relationships with families
    • All-inclusive service

      We believe no child should miss out on developing to their full potential. That is why all experiences in our service are all-inclusive to all children attending. We offer a range of services including:
      Language – Chinese Mandarin
      Nutrition – All meals cooked on premises
      Communication – via Kinderloop
      Music Classes
      Open Door Policy
      Flexibility – casual bookings and discounts

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Camperdown
    • Susan Feltaous
      Susan Feltaous
    • Rob Feltaous
      Rob Feltaous
  • “As parents of young children, our passion is to deliver a high-quality, early learning and education service that meets our own standards for our family. ‘Is this good enough for our children?’ is the question that is asked of everything we do, here.”

    • We would like to thank you all for looking after Isabel, we know she has enjoyed everyday there, it is a fantastic centre.
      Kind Regards,

      Francis and Liza
    • Sohrab and I want to thank you for the wonderful year Bijoux has had, we have really loved our time and experience at Explore & Develop Camperdown. You and Susan have created a beautiful, loving environment for our children, and for that we are very grateful.
      Many thanks,

      Bodhi and Sohrab S
    • I write this email with a little sadness and mixed feelings as the past 2 years have been amazing for Sofia, she is a very smart little girl who has learned and grown so much and part of this is thanks to you and your wonderful careers.
      Best Wishes,

      Elisa P
    • I think it’s great that you guys are following through with these family survey action items. The business is something you guys should be rightly proud of – it’s great to send the boys to such a well managed centre.

      Andrew W
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Camperdown
  • Nursery

    0 – 12 months

    We appreciate the difficult decision when choosing the right Early Childhood Education and Care service for your little one. We don’t take the responsibility lightly, and we promise to care for your child like they are one of our own.

    Our Nursery room provides a high quality facility that is designed to stimulate your child’s engagement in both the indoor and outdoor environments. A nurturing and educational program ensures your child’s individual needs are met. Your child will be engaged in a range of learning experiences to help them reach their developmental potential.

    We understand the difficulty in balancing work and family. To alleviate some of the pressure we provide a nursery that caters for all your child’s needs including meals, formula, cow’s milk, soy milk, bottles, nappies, cot linen, blankets, hats and sunscreen. Wholesome meals that change as your child’s eating habits develop. We work with families to follow your child’s sleep and feeding routine.

    Our open door policy means you are welcome at any time to visit your child and to share in the everyday programs at our service.

  • Explorers

    12 months – 2 years

    In this age group, children are inquisitive both in play and independence. Your toddler is at a highly social and engaging age and will seek out stimulation wherever they can find it.

    Explore & Develop Camperdown has designed a program that will occupy their mind and help them to learn new skills. Through age appropriate music and language (Chinese Mandarin) classes as well as reading and other experiences helping them learn to communicate and develop relationships with their educators and peers.

  • Innovators

    2 – 3 years

    This group of children is building on those newly developing skills, such as speech and language, interacting and exploring their environment and learning to share and problem solve with their peers. This age group is also likely to be developing independence at meal times and toilet training and our experienced educators are here to foster these emerging skills.

  • Junior Preschool

    3 – 4 years

    The Junior Preschoolers are by nature inquisitive and eager to learn with a thirst for knowledge about the world around them.

    Our educators plan learning experiences based on daily observations, children’s interests and input from families, children and other educators. Our program is flexible and adaptable whilst cultivating your child’s individual interests, abilities and talents.

  • Senior Preschool

    4 – 5+ years

    Building on the skills developed in the Junior Preschool room, this group of children are naturally curious about their environment.

    We encourage children to be explorers, problem solvers and creators. To support children in this, our program focuses on fostering self-esteem, emotional well-being, communication, socialisation, collaboration and self help skills.

    Your child will be introduced to iPads to assist in their development of literacy and numeracy in a fun and interactive way. We research and use apps that stimulate creative expression, language development and problem solving.

  • Outdoor environment

    Our physical environment is regarded as equal in importance to that of the educators’ role. The award winning design team of Co-AP Architects and landscape architect, Fiona Robbe, has designed our service and landscaping. A focus on a natural environment with plants, water, rocks, sand, dirt will provide our children an environment to explore, discover and enjoy.

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