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Explore & Develop Epping Road’s path to high quality early childhood education and care is guided by the principles of the Walker Learning Approach and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Approach. Through these influences we are equipped to personalise learning and maintain respect as the basis for all that we do, respectively.

Our service believes in the importance of connecting to the natural world and acknowledge the endless opportunities for learning found outside. We embrace risky-play as a natural desire and need for children and recognise our responsibilities in supporting children’s holistic development through active play outdoors.

Family-owned and operated

The service is owned and operated by Eva Klingberg. Eva’s vision is for the service to be a loving extension of the family home, providing children with a positive and stable environment for growth and development. Eva runs an open door policy, and believes families should have a strong sense of belonging.

Exceeding National Quality Standard

The service has been awarded the highest possible accreditation rating (Exceeding National Quality Standard) by the NSW Department of Education.

Community-based learning

All children participate in projects and experiences beyond the service, where they build connections to community. Our excursion bus opens a myriad of opportunities to explore areas and diverse peoples in our immediate and broader communities.

Pillars of Learning Program

The Pillars of Learning (POL) program was created to shape and structure our ‘beyond the classroom’ opportunities. It has come to be an addition to our programs, where children’s interests, learning and development can be extended upon through intentional adventures in the wider community.

Principles Underpinning Practice

Our service practices are upheld by principles of nurture and respect. We respect children wherever they are in their own learning journey. We recognise children’s fiery curiosities and respect their right to play. We view children as citizens of the world, who have a right to a say in matters affecting them. We advocate for children to know they are heard and valued from infancy right through to preschool-hood and beyond.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of educators are the backbone of our service. Ongoing professional development is embraced and recognized as the fuel for driving high quality early childhood education and care practices. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team with a strong supportive and collaborative culture.


of Explore & Develop Epping Road

Explore Develop Epping road child care and preschool owner Eva Klingberg
Eva Klingberg

Eva Klingberg approaches the service from the perspective of a parent and, as such, believes in open communication between parents and educators. Eva believes in a natural and diverse environment catering to the unique requirements of the children under her care. This includes a focus on sustainability, our gardens, and risky play spaces that challenge the children to improve and develop at their own pace.


Explore & Develop

0 – 2 years

Our two nursery rooms offer babies a safe and loving home-like environment as they explore the world around them. All babies have a flexible routine and are nurtured by consistent educators. We strive to maintain the same group of educators with the same group of children for the first three years of their life. This consistency of educators ensures children have stable attachments throughout their nursery years.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies, bed linen and sunscreen.

2 – 3 years

Our Turtles room (2- to 3-year-old room) nurtures our children’s growing independence, and offers many opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their self-help skills. Key areas of focus include toilet training, self-feeding, dressing and taking care of one’s belongings. This age group will show an increased interest in relationships. Toddlers will begin interacting more directly with their peers and educators and they will explore concepts such as sharing, turn-taking, conflict resolution and emotional resilience. The educators will guide these life skills by modelling positive relationships and appropriate emotional expression.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.

3 – 5 years

In our Junior Preschool room (3 –4 years) and our Senior Preschool room (4 –5 years) we focus more intently on preparing children for primary school. Our School Readiness Program encompasses a focus on pre-reading, writing, maths and science skills and aims to foster social and emotional skills such as curiosity, resourcefulness, independent thinking, problem solving and initiative. These skills will not only assist children in getting ready for primary school, but will go a long way in preparing them for a successful life.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack and sunscreen.

Explore Develop Epping road North Ryde child care and preschool outdoor 24
Outdoor environment

Our outdoor areas provide a rich opportunity for children to engage with the natural environment and to promote concepts of sustainability. The nursery play area is specifically designed for children under two years of age. It focuses on providing babies with sensory stimulation derived from interactions with natural resources. It features a thriving herb garden, miniature apple trees, a large sandpit and creative arts area. The highlight of the space is our sensory garden, which includes a teepee and a wooden slide.

The preschool play area is a larger space designed to facilitate gross-motor growth in children aged over two years. It includes a large decking area that encourages open-ended physical activity such as ball games, cycling and construction. Other features include a large wooden boat, a dry creek bed and a cubby house, which continually transforms itself according to a child’s imagination. The preschool play area is also a space for our gardening projects. The children participate in growing seasonal vegetables and nurture olive trees to contribute to our Farmers’ Markets.

Additional spaces include the tennis court and grassy picnic area located directly outside the centre. These spaces are accessed on a daily basis by all age groups and allow children to explore alternate surfaces and play experiences. The children also visit local sportsgrounds such as the Rotary War Memorial Athletics Field.


Explore & Develop Epping Road


65 Epping Road, North Ryde
Sydney, NSW

Phone & Email

Centre Phone: (02) 9888 6114
Enrolments Phone: (02) 8026 0829
Centre Email: eppingroad@exploreanddevelop.com.au
Enrolments Email: enrolments.er@exploreanddevelop.com.au

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm

We operate for 50 weeks of the year and close down for two weeks over the Christmas period and on Public Holidays.