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    Frenchs Forest
  • Not only are we located in a quiet corner location, we also boast a stunning Green Outlook.

    With over 500 sqm of play space that connects to a natural bushland setting, your child will feel they can, run, play and learn.

    Indoors we are passionate about creating captivating learning environments that include literacy, numeracy, science and well being whilst promoting social development.

    Each child in our care is nurtured, educated and listened to. Come and see for yourself

  • Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest Childcare and Preschool
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    Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest Childcare and Preschool
    Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest Childcare and Preschool
    • Privately owned

      As the owners of Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest, Cherie Cash and Jenny Mays are always on-site to greet you. With a combined total of 34 years of experience in the Early Childhood sector, they continue to manage the service with passion and a personal approach to the needs of each child and family.

    • From Birth to 5 years. Preparing your child for School.

      Transitioning to School need not be stressful for you or your child. At Explore & Develop we make sure that the milestones required for a successful transition to school are our priority. From numeracy skills, to literacy to social readiness, we guarantee we will work with you to ensure your child is school ready.

    • Nestled in a bushland setting combining indoor and outdoor learning.

      Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest offers the convenience of a local service nestled within a bush setting. Bush turkeys, rabbits and lizards are our daily visitors. We also have a dedicated library, an art space, vegetable garden, outdoor eating and barbeque area.

    • Experienced teaching staff

      Our teaching team, who lead the curriculum at our service, hold either a Bachelor of Education or Diploma in Early Childhood with an average tenure of between 4 – 9 years’ service with us.

    • Nutrition taken seriously

      Our on-site chef creates nutritionally balanced meals, cooked fresh every day. This way we not only can offer freshly cooked meals, but we also provide more than the recommended daily intake in all food groups.

    • Exceeding National Standards

      An ‘Exceeding National Standards’ rating means we have been assessed as a service provider with practices that exceed the national standards as defined by the Department of Education.

  • Owners/Operators

    of Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest
    • Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest child care and preschool
      Cherie & Jenny

      “As owners of Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest, we are able to support a team of educators to deliver the best outcomes for your children.

      We respect the decision you make to share your baby, toddler or pre-schooler with us and we promise to offer your child an Early Childhood Education in a loving environment.

      We believe in open, authentic and honest relationships and providing you with a safe space for you and your family to flourish.

      We are also mothers and with a combined 34 plus years’ experience in Early Childhood, we have operated Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest since 2005.”

    • For the last 11 years Explore and Develop Frenchs Forest has been a second family for my 3 boys. All 3 of our boys have attended the centre from 6 months of age until they left for primary school. Leaving your children in someone else’s care is hard but at Explore and Develop it’s such a relief to leave them with staff that are warm, nurturing and treat them like their own.

      Their days are filled with fun, friends and discovery challenges. The centre staff have helped each of them prepare for school emotionally, socially and academically over the years. The staff are an invaluable back up of knowledge and support for when challenges arise like toilet training or dealing with anxious children.

      All of our hopes and expectations for early childhood care were met and exceeded but what we underestimated was the level of love and nurturing that was afforded to our boys on a daily basis. We can’t thank Jenny, Cherie and the wonderful staff enough for providing our boys the ideal platform for their transition to primary school. We are going to miss you!

      Jane and Chris Vine, parents of Oscar, Harry and Charlie.

    • We moved our child to Explore and Develop Frenchs Forest after never being completely happy with our two previous day care centres, and never looked back. This centre is incredible, the staff are wonderful, the playground is peaceful and most importantly the kids are happy. Jen & Cherie are incredible at managing the centre, they really put money and time back into the centre to consistently improve the facilities and keep the kids stimulated. For example one week they might get in a petting zoo and the next the might take the older kids on a mini excursion. We have now had two children through the centre until today when our youngest started his first day of school, and hats off to E&D, both kids have been well and truly prepared for school and the bigger world. Its been emotional to leave the centre as they feel like an extension of our family and we’d strongly recommend E&D Frenchs Forest to anyone looking for the best for their young children.

    • Explore and Develop Frenchs Forest has been part of our family for 8 years with both our daughters having attended from babies until graduation. We cannot speak more highly of the centre and could not imagine a better place for our children to have called their second home all these years. Our daughters have always enjoyed the centre, the mix of structure and free play has suited them perfectly. They loved their time outdoors, the library visits, the rainy days inside and there was never a day when they didn’t looked forward to going back which is a true testimony to the nurturing and ever evolving learning experience that E&D provides. Our children have made lifelong friends and through them so did we. The creativity of the teaching staff never ceased to amaze us, we always appreciated the sustainable approach and work with nature. The staff are friendly, kind, approachable and always there to answer whatever questions we might have. We will be forever grateful for having found such a wonderful place for our children’s formative years.

    • “Explore & Develop in Frenchs Forest provides exceptional nurturing, care and education for my children. The dedication of the Educators is unparalleled, team members even outside my children’s classrooms know their names and interests. It’s been an environment in which passions and interests are encouraged, and challenges are patiently worked through. Explore & Develop have created an environment in which they are part of the team championing your child’s development”. Julia, mother of 2 E&D kids.

      Julia Olivares
    • Three of my four children have attended Explore & Develop, Frenchs Forest over a period spanning 7 years. Jenny and Cherie are the most dedicated and delightful Centre Directors and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff members in each and every room who are always happy, warm and nurturing educators. In my experience, the Educators have always placed my children’s needs at the forefront of their care provision and are always ready to provide feedback on a daily basis.
      The ability to access the Kinderloop app from my phone on a daily basis allows me to see what my children are experiencing and reassures me that they are having a wonderful time at Kindy.
      The meals that are provided seem to go down better with my children than my own home cooked foods and I would highly recommend Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest to anyone considering Long Day Care for their child/children.

      Carol-Anne Willis
    • My daughter is currently enrolled at Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest and absolutely loves it! The daily curriculum and activities are creative, diverse, fun and developmentally appropriate. The carers do a great job encouraging curiosity and each child’s individual interests. I appreciate the updates I can view each day via the app. It’s great to see pictures of my daughter happy, learning and exploring new things while I’m at work. The environment and classroom space is comfortable and cheerful. As a new parent, I have been most appreciative of how loving, welcoming, understanding, accommodating and supportive the carers and staff have been. Can’t say enough positive things about our experience at this centre!

      Maria, mother of Alice
    • We cannot recommend Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest enough, our son Oscar has been at the centre for the past 3 years and we have experienced outstanding care, support and love.
      The educators have all been wonderful with Oscar and the centre has a warm, family feel. It is great to be at a centre where the owners are present, Jenny and Cherie genuinely care about the children, provide support to the educators and always have time for a chat – we have required additional support and they are always there to accommodate any requirements and lend an ear or give advice.
      The centre has a great community spirit, they have fun events and special days and continually look at ways to innovate. We have met beautiful families and made lifelong friends. Oscar generally wants to stay when we pick him up, it is not unusual to gather outside after pick up with the other mum/dads and the kids continue to play and laugh.
      We are sad to be leaving and will absolutely stay in touch.

      Amanda Glossop
    • Letting someone else look after your children is tough. You know they will be ok and a quick observation of their learning space will confirm they are going to learn, grow and develop with such a carefully thought out and interactive space. What you don’t know is if they will be cared for with real heartfelt compassion At Explore and Develop they look after my children like their own. You cannot manufacture their enthusiasm, their care or the love they show. I am dreading the day when my youngest graduates… thankfully I have a few years left.

      Laurie (Mum to Millie, Maisie & Alfie)
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest
  • Joey/Bilbies

    0 – 2 years

    Our Joey/Bilby rooms offers a large playspace, a gross motor room and an outdoor playspace. With 3 playspaces for your child you will be amazed at how varied your child’s day can be.

    We understand that when you start your Early Childhood journey that it is our role to provide an environment that offers high quality care where we can reflect the routine you require.

    With the comfort of a home away from home environment, we ensure your child is stimulated whilst walking through the developmental milestones that are so key for this age group.

  • Koala/Wombat

    2 – 3 years

    We appreciate the active needs of a young child, so as a Koala or Wombat at our Service we offer smaller classrooms. These group sizes allow us to achieve a high level of interaction between teacher and child.

    Our learning environment offers age appropriate experiences where movement, cognitive development and imagination are all considered in our curriculum planning.

    Small group experiences are part of our day so we can start appreciating what working alongside our friends feels like.

  • Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest Childcare and Preschool ED Frenches Forest093-small

  • Junior Preschool

    3 – 4 years

    Preschool is a key stage of development.

    When your child reaches our preschool classrooms a “transition to school” approach is incorporated into our play based curriculum.

    As a Junior Pre-schooler children’s social skills are starting to take form and they are starting to appreciate their peers and what they contribute to the world.

    The activities that your children participates in includes all the areas required by the Early Years Learning Framework.

    Equally the ability to take responsibility for their routine, their belongings and the structure of the day fosters independence and personal growth.

  • Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest Childcare and Preschool - junior preschool-smal

  • Senior Preschool

    4 – 5 years

    As a senior pre-schooler, the final year before moving to Kindergarten, your child is now demonstrating their ability to explore concepts, follow teacher lead activities and contribute to their curriculum.

    The foundations for class learning has been laid in the Junior Preschool and we now increase our expectations of the outcomes your child can achieve.

    Elements of the curriculum (Early Years Learning Framework) will now extend cognitive learning, fine motor & gross motor skills, social & emotional interactions alongside literacy, numeracy and STEM concepts.

    As an Explore & Develop graduate, your child will be school ready and the transition to a formal school environment will be less stressful for you and them.

    This planning makes sure your child is ready for their next step in their learning life – Big School.

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  • Outdoor environment

    We feel privileged to be nestled amongst a beautiful bushland setting.  Each day we are able to climb, run, explore and be physically challenged.

    We can often see rabbits, bush turkeys & blue tongue lizards wandering by whilst we work in our garden that is tended to by the children.

    Our close connection to the natural world helps our children understand and respect our responsibilities in working towards a sustainable future.

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