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    Norton Street, Lilyfield
  • Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield is committed to ensuring that each child feels a sense of belonging. We believe the way we introduce children to learning is of high importance and this is the foundation for everything we do. Within our curriculum, we incorporate a range of experiences that support and nurture communication and language, emerging literacy and numeracy, social and emotional development, as well as physical development and coordination. Our natural, open-ended environments are nurturing, fun and stimulating, providing a holistic approach for each child’s journey of self-discovery and change, which supports children in developing an authentic understanding of culture and their world. Incorporating The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework, our play-based curriculum provides opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, solve problems and express ideas and reflects each child’s interest and stages of development.

  • Explore & Develop Epping road North Ryde child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Epping road North Ryde child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Epping road North Ryde child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Childcare & Preschool
    Explore & Develop Childcare & Preschool
    Explore & Develop Epping road North Ryde child care and preschool
    • Individually owned and operated

      For over half a decade, local Inner West mum, Susan Franco, continues to create an education and care environment that nurtures and supports every child, every family and every staff member to flourish.

    • Experienced team of educators

      We value the contributions our educators make to nurturing, inspiring and engaging young children’s lives. Our passionate team of early childhood professionals are committed to ongoing professional development and continue to deliver high quality learning outcomes for all our children.

    • Educators who love and care for your child

      We understand that building loving and reciprocal relationships are the foundation for learning and our team of educators will provide your child with support and confidence in their own abilities and knowledge to nurture their hands, hearts and minds.

    • Off the City West Link at Norton Street

      Our architecturally designed service has ample undercover parking for easy drop-off and pick-ups. We are also close to the CityWest Link and are within walking distance to the Leichhardt North light rail station.

    • Community and family focused

      We are committed to forming supportive and genuine relationships with each other and our community. Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield is involved in the Inner West Councils’ National Tree Day, TRANBY, World Vision, The Clown Doctors, Orange Grove Public School and Narragunnawali.

    • Exceeding the National Quality Standard

      Our service was assessed as Exceeding the National Quality Framework in 2014 and we continue to deliver this level of educational care as part of our day-to-day practices.

    • Transition to School Program

      Starting School is a significant milestone in the life of any child and family. Explore & Develop Lilyfield supports the essential foundations for learning for all children and in doing so provides a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum where children are learning important knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will not only prepare them for school but for lifelong learning.

      Click on the link to find out more about our ‘Transition to School Program‘.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield
    • Susan Franco

      Susan Franco is a local, Inner West mum, and a passionate Early Childhood educator. She is focused on creating an engaging and nurturing early childhood educational experience that incorporates best practice, educational theory and current research to support every child, every family and every staff member to flourish.

      Susan Franco, is also the Winner of Outstanding Business Person of the Year, 2017.

    • Susan Franco
    • For the past 6 years we have had at least one of our 3 boys attending Explore & Develop Lilyfield.:.

      Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield continually provide a safe and happy environment for our children, whereby we take comfort in knowing they are being provided with the best care.:.

      Our children look forward to investigating the engaging play and learning spaces that compliment and reinforce the learning curriculum of which they have learnt so much.:.

      The staff are nurturing, welcoming and experienced and the pre-school transition to school program has assisted with a smooth integration into primary school.:.

      Bryony Gliddon
    • As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. All the staff ensure us that we have never had to worry about our boy’s happiness and safety.:.

      We have two sons which have been part of Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield since 2011 and we could not ask for a better group of educators and caregivers.:.

      Explore & Develop provide a good range of activities and stimulation at the centre from sensory activities, reading, and outside play which was a great start for my 1st son schooling years.”.:.

      Belinda Fitzgerald
    • We have had both our boys enrolled at Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield from the age of 5 months. As our eldest prepares for Kindergarten next year (after 5 years at Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield) I look back at how lucky we were to have spent that time with Susan and her team. From the outside – a lot of childcare centres look the same. But it’s the people that count. Susan and her staff are a standout.  They have been such an integral part of our children’s first years and we could not have left them in better hands.:.

      Today our boys are being cared for by a lot of the staff that were there when they started – all of them high calibre individuals with a passion for childcare which translates to happy children in a caring and nurturing environment. In an industry where staff turnover rates are high, it’s a testament to Susan that she maintains such a great culture amongst her staff – and that consistency of the same smiling faces everyday, is a reason our boys have always been comfortable and settled at Explore & Develop.

      I know that once our youngest moves on to Kindergarten, we will have made friendships that will last, not just with other great families at the centre, but also with Susan and her team.:.

      Angela Petousis
    • We have been very lucky to be part of the Explore & Develop community since 2011. Everyone at Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield are helpful, friendly, professional and caring above and beyond our expectation.:.

      We have always felt very happy and comfortable to have our boys there and enjoy watching them grow and love their experiences there.:.

      The centre itself is a fantastic modern space with lots of room inside and out with lots to engage little people in whatever age and interest/s they have and want to have.:.

      We cannot recommend Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield highly enough.

      Leah and Martin Allan
    • I have found Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield to be a nurturing environment for my child.  The teachers are skilled and caring and have a focus on social, physical and intellectual development.:.

      They foster curiosity and learning through play and encourage parental involvement at any level.  All challenges are swiftly acknowledged and resolved and a child’s individual needs are catered for.:.

      My daughter has enjoyed her time and has formed close bonds with her teachers as well as other staff at the centre.:.

      Fiona Sims
    • I think what I like best about Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield is the variety of experiences that are presented to the children, both community based and educational.:.

      As a teacher myself, I really value the efforts and enthusiasm of the staff who engage with my daughter in such a caring and personable manner. They operate as a team and it feels like a family environment. But most importantly my daughter genuinely enjoys her days there.:.

      Felicity Bowman
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield
  • Joey Nursery and Bilby Toddler’s Room

    0 – 2 years

    We provide a loving and caring environment that nurtures and respects each child’s individual sleep and feeding routines, whilst recognising, respecting and supporting each family’s culture, beliefs and values.

    Children are naturally curious learners and we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment with lots of cuddles and individual attention, whilst encouraging each child to explore, learn and discover at their own unique pace.

    We believe in working in partnership with families so that each child develops a sense of security and belonging.

  • Possum Preschool Room

    2 – 3 years

    Making independent choices is a key focus within our junior preschool curriculum. So are fine motor and gross motor development, social and emotional skills, language skills, cognitive development, toilet training and self-help skills.

    This learning environment encourages small and large group activities and is vibrant, flexible and responsive to the interests of each child incorporating puzzles, literacy and numeracy activities, construction activities, creative arts, music and dramatic play.

  • Wombat Preschool Room

    3 – 5 years

    We understand that being ready for school encompasses so much more than just a child’s age and our transition to school curriculum nurtures eager, capable and motivated learners through: independent life skills, nurturing and growing self-confidence, gross and fine motor co-ordination, literacy and numeracy confidence and developing an emerging understanding of math and science concepts.

    We work in partnership with local schools to assist families to feel ready and informed for their child’s individual transition to school journey.

  • Outdoor environment

    Our outdoor spaces specifically cater for different age groups to promote the development of gross motor skills, stimulating sensory challenges and the development of proactive attitudes to nurturing our environment. We believe that children have the right to experience outdoors, breath fresh air and enhance their well-being and development through regular outdoor play.

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