North Ryde Public School

Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School is located on the school grounds of North Ryde Public School. Our service first opened its doors to the community in 2011, educating and caring for children from birth to six years old.

At Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School, we aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy. We give priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional support, so that they become confident and develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others. We are committed to equity and believe in all children’s capabilities to succeed. We offer children the freedom to explore and discover through play based learning whilst providing programs that aim to enrich their learning through planned experiences and programs.

At Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School, our service’s design, furniture and resources have been carefully researched and selected to ensure an environment that is warm, relaxed, safe and secure where children are free to imagine, explore, create and discover so as to be continually learning about themselves, others and the world around them. We provide experiences for our children which include science, music, reptiles, sea life experiences, sewing, language classes, water safety, police talks, fire brigade visits, and cultural inclusion workshops, as part of our service. We use an electronical program called Kinderloop to communicate curriculum, learning and care routines with families.


We aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy.

Strong connection with families

We believe that working in partnership with our families is essential in ensuring continuity and progression in children’s learning and development

Open communication

We value open and honest communication with families through direct contact with our team of educators, through newsletters, parent communication board, emails, information evenings etc.

Experienced and dedicated staff

We have long-term educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with the children. We invest in our educators through regular professional development to help them grow and learn the latest development in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Commitment to the natural environment

We strive to include natural sustainable resources both indoors and outdoors and through our programs.

Sense of community

We believe in working in partnership with our local community through participating in local community events or through excursions to local community venues.


of Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School

Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School
Irene Vidiac

Irene Vidaic has over 10 years’ experience within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, and is also a mother of two daughters. Irene is highly experienced and passionate, and her goal is to provide an environment where the needs of the children are the priority. Her aim is to provide a place where children and families feel they belong, and feel secure and comfortable in the learning environment.

Irene owns two Explore & Develop services. She has been providing education and care to the local community since 2006 with long-term educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with the children, building upon the diverse cultural backgrounds of each child, whilst promoting the individual child’s sense of identity.

As the Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor, Irene is in the service daily. Outside of work, she loves to bake and spend time with her family.


Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School

0 – 2 years

Our Bilby educators nurture our 12 beautiful babies, providing consistency between our babies home routines and their time at the Service. Every morning, educators take the opportunity to speak with parents, together deciding upon the best way the meet the child’s needs. We understand that babies can be unpredictable—sleepless nights, teething, nappy rash—so, we are always flexible.

To ensure that sleep times are restful we have two quiet sleep rooms and to ensure your child feels comfortable and secure sleeping families are welcome to bring safe comforters or dummies and children use the same cot until they are ready to move onto a bed. Furthermore, educators will stay with your child, if necessary, to comfort them.

Our indoor environment is spacious and well-resourced to allow the young children to explore their environment and resources freely through play. Creative experiences including music and movement area part of the day. Our Bilbys have their own spacious outdoor environment including a sandpit where they have a chance to explore their world in an authentic way, providing very real opportunities for learning and growth.

2 – 3 years

We understand that the toddlers stage is full of transitions and we strive to support families and children as their skills emerge and expand. We work with families to ensure these transitions are well managed, and enable toddlers to gain confidence and self-esteem.

We love to see the Koalas develop their self-help skills and encourage independence whereever we can. The dedicated Koala team build routines to support each child’s emerging self-help skills in areas such as feeding and handwashing. The curious nature and growing language skills of this age group stimulates their wonder of the world around them. Their day is full of excitement, opportunities for exploration and discovery. Their questioning skills help to form the basis of the interest-based program which aims to offer new experiences and learning opportunities.

We value play-based learning as an ideal context for young children’s development and this is reflected in our practice. We take the whole child into account, focusing on their social, interpersonal, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental needs. The Koalas have a spacious natural outdoor play space where they can extend their gross motor skills and explore the world around them.

3 – 5 years

Our Possums and Wombats form our preschool groups, we provide them with a fun play based, innovative educational program sourced through children’s interests. Our educators utilize the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as the foundation of our preschool curriculum to achieve these outcomes. confidenceWe support each child’s varied developmental needs and work to extend and their existing skills whilst intentionally designing experiences to support the development of new skills.

Learning journeys are undertaken in both in small and larger group settings and allow the children to think, discuss, question, research and experiment with their ideas and interests. Literacy, numeracy and thinking skills such as recall and problem solving are integrated into the experiences to make learning enjoyable, authentic and valuable.

While supporting a successful transition to school, there is a strong emphasis on developing children’s confidence and independence as well as the necessary skills in preparation for school. Our location within the school premises means we can provide an easy transition from preschool to school.

Outdoor environment

Direct flow between our indoor and outdoor learning environments with two separate playgrounds, one for 0 – 2 year olds, and one for 2 – 5 year olds.


Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School


154 Cox’s Road
North Ryde, NSW

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
7.30am – 6.00pm