Explore & Develop Norwest is conveniently located in the heart of the thriving Norwest Business Park, in modern and purpose-built premises with four large, bright learning environments, two spacious and private playgrounds, and open views across to the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Led by our highly skilled and passionate Educational Leader and supported by the latest thinking in Early Childhood Education within Australia and globally, our curriculum supports the research that children learn best through play. We focus on the holistic development of individual children, supporting them to become confident to take the next step to school and life beyond!

A major focus is children’s social and emotional development and wellbeing through the development of nurturing and trusted relationships. Essential self-help or life skills are encouraged and children are invited to participate in a range of learning experiences daily in areas such as creative arts, science, technology, language, literacy and numeracy. Learning occurs throughout our indoor and outdoor environments and also in the community through regular incursions and excursions.

Diversity and cultural awareness is promoted, as well as compassion for each other and the planet through sustainable practices. Children learn that their ideas and voices matter, as they are invited to contribute to and reflect upon our curriculum. All of this is captured in high-quality and timely, electronic documentation for parents.

Exceeding National Quality Standard

Under the National Quality Framework, Explore & Develop Norwest was delighted to receive an ‘Exceeding Rating‘ in all seven Quality Areas of the National Quality Standard, acknowledging our continuous commitment to the highest possible standards of education and care.

An inspiring environment for children to flourish

We provide a natural and beautiful environment for children and families. Our educators take great care to provide engaging and stimulating learning environments where children feel safe and secure and where they can explore and learn.


Our curriculum supports the research that children learn best through play and exploration. A range of experiences are offered daily that encourage self-help skills, social and emotional development, as well as science, creative arts, literacy and numeracy awareness.

Our amazing team

At Explore & Develop Norwest, we are dedicated to the highest professional teaching standards, have a commitment to continuous professional development and maintain a fun, positive and collaborative team culture where every educator’s individual skills, knowledge and expertise is highly valued and respected. We strive to recruit the best educators in the sector and to provide them with the ongoing training and support to ensure that their career aspirations are met at Explore & Develop. What this means for families is that you can expect a warm welcome from familiar faces and the highest standards of education and care for your child.

Children’s health and well-being

At Explore & Develop, we believe in fostering healthy habits for life. This includes offering nutritious meals each day, growing and cooking fresh food with the children and keeping little bodies healthy and active through dance, sport and play! It also includes encouraging children to care for the world around them through embedded sustainable practices such as re-use, reduce and recycle, being energy aware, caring for plants and animals and composting.

Communication with families

Leveraging great technology applications such as Kinderloop, Facebook and though our detailed electronic Curriculum Reflections, parents are always up to date with their child’s learning and have many opportunities to provide input into the curriculum.


of Explore & Develop Norwest

Marcelle Thomson

Explore & Develop Norwest has been owned by Director and Approved Provider, Marcelle Thomson, since 2011. Prior to starting at Explore & Develop, Marcelle held leadership roles in a demanding corporate career for over a decade since arriving in Sydney from the UK in 2000. As a parent of two young sons herself, Marcelle, understands firsthand the vital role that Early Childhood Education and Care provides to parents and children. Marcelle is absolutely passionate about providing an environment where children and families are offered the best possible experience, every single day. Marcelle is passionate about extending her knowledge of Early Childhood Education and developing the knowledge of her team. She is particularly passionate about children’s neurological development and the impact this has on their learning and emotional well-being, not just in their early years but for their entire life. Relationships with children and parents are incredibly important to Marcelle and provide one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of her role.


Explore & Develop Norwest

Explore & Develop Norwest Child Care and Preschool
Wallaby Room

0 – 2 years

Our Wallaby Room provides a nurturing, home-like environment for up to 20 infants and their families. Unhurried time is offered for babies to explore a range of age-appropriate and sensory experiences. Routines from home are followed here, to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible for the babies and their parents. All meals and nappies are supplied. We ask parents to provide nappy cream, formula and cot sheets for their child.

Explore & Develop Norwest Child Care and Preschool
Koala Room

2 – 3 years

Our Koala Room offers a stimulating and safe environment for up to 20 busy two-year-olds to put their curiosity, increasing independence, developing language and self-help skills to work! Multiple age-appropriate experiences are offered simultaneously, to keep active minds occupied. All meals are provided along with nappies.

Explore & Develop Norwest Child Care and Preschool
Kookaburra Room

3 – 4 years

Our Dingo Room provides an exciting and varied mix of learning environments for around 18 three-year-olds. The children have opportunities to explore, make choices and take on increasing responsibilities. All meals are provided.

Explore & Develop Norwest Child Care and Preschool
Wombat Preschool Room

4 – 5 years

Our Wombat Preschool Room caters for up to 24 four- and five-year-olds in the immediate years before they start school. Our focus is to ensure that each child has the important skills to help them enter school confident, capable and involved learners. All meals are provided.

Explore & Develop Norwest Child Care and Preschool
Outdoor environment

Our spacious and private playgrounds provide children with ample opportunity to play, socialise, explore, run and climb, all with open views to the Blue Mountains! Our focus is to help children to feel safe enough to take ‘risks’, therefore, providing rich opportunities for learning, problem-solving and developing social competence. Our Indoor/Outdoor program means children of all ages can continuously choose to play and learn indoors or outdoors. Our playgrounds offer a natural environment where the children can participate in growing and tending to plants, and caring for our rabbits and guinea pigs.


Explore & Develop Norwest


Suite 308,
14 Lexington Drive,
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Business Hours

7.00 am to 6.00 pm
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