Explore & Develop Roseville is conveniently located on Eastern Valley Way, providing a high-quality early learning service to the Roseville Chase, Castle Cove, Chatswood, Willoughby and Middle Cove communities.

Our safe, caring and educational environment caters for all children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

Our family owned-and-operated service encourages children to imagine, explore and learn, all within a nurturing and home like environment.

Our educational program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and allows for a wide range of experiences that are based on the interests of the group and the individual child.

The EYLF places a specific emphasis on fun, play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy), social and emotional development, as well as physical development and co-ordination. Our sustainable practices are embedded in everything we do, and we value the use of natural resources.

Together with individual observations of children, we work in partnership with families to build on each child’s interests and developmental needs. Families’ expertise, culture, values and beliefs are respected, and they share in the decision making about their child’s learning and wellbeing.

We welcome you and your family to Explore & Develop Roseville.

Experienced & Family Owned

Owner Operator Chantal Donohoe holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and has more than 13 years experience in Early Childhood Education and Care. As a local mother herself, she deeply understands the needs of families in her community. She leads her team of experienced and passionate educators to provide the highest quality education and care for children throughout their early years.

Designed for learning

Our award-winning indoor and outdoor environments were designed in collaboration with leading architects and experienced early childhood professionals. We have created an environment that is nurturing and stimulating, while providing appropriate levels of challenge and risk, to engage the natural curiosity and developmental growth for children at every stage.

Community and family focused

We are committed to forming supportive and genuine relationships with each other and our community. Our ‘Out The Gate’ program incorporates excursions to local community events and places of interest, such as the library and nearby Woolworths, where the children have the opportunity to practice their emerging life skills. We also run a healthy lifestyle program in partnership with local providers that includes soccer skills, swimming lessons and gymnastics programs.

Transition to School

Our transition to school program includes connections with our local primary schools that build the children’s familiarity and confidence before they commence kindergarten. Children have the opportunity to visit our local Castle Cove Public School to see the classrooms and playgrounds as well as meet some of the teachers. We also host family information evenings to help parents prepare for their child’s transition to school.


Naturally landscaped outdoor learning environments

Our large outdoor learning environment has been created to maximise an appreciation of the natural environment and provide stimulating sensory challenges. It includes our Bush Tucker garden, which gives the children an opportunity to get hands-on with nature as well as embedding Australian Indigenous culture into their learning.

Commitment to the environment

Throughout our environments and programs, we strive to include natural, sustainable resources both indoors and outdoors. The children help grow vegetables in our large edible garden, giving them an opportunity to learn about sustainability as well as encouraging healthy nutrition habits. We also go on excursions to local parks to introduce the children to different landscapes and encourage further nature play and exploration.


of Explore & Develop Roseville

Explore & Develop Roseville Childcare
Chantal Donohoe

Owner Operator Chantal lives in the local area and is a mother to two young children of her own.

As a highly skilled Educator with more than 13 years experience in Early Childhood,  Chantal is passionate about encouraging children to imagine, explore, discover and create.

Chantal’s aim is to create a warm and positive environment within the service that supports  all families, helping the children to feel secure and supported, which in turn allows them to learn and develop.

She has set extremely high standards for her service and works onsite to ensure the environment is an extension of the children’s homes, providing a fluid transition from their family home to the service. She is committed to the environment and ensures sustainability is at the forefront of her daily practice, whilst creating engaging natural environments.

Chantal aims to exceed the needs of the community, by building nurturing and trusting relationships where children, families and educators alike feel a sense of belonging.

Chantal believes in giving all children security, support and respect, allowing them to progress from early childhood as confident learners who are ready to engage in formal schooling.


Explore & Develop Roseville


We appreciate that for most children, our service is the first education and care environment that they encounter. With this in mind, our aim is to foster a welcoming and home-like ambience, where children and their families feel a sense of security and belonging. We believe in working with families to ensure an individual flow of the day so as the rights and dignity of each child are embedded in their everyday routine and our practices.


Our toddler environments deliver a high adult to child ratio and a space to explore, discover, create and imagine through play-based learning. The environment and program is vibrant, flexible and responsive to the interests and abilities of each child. It includes foundation literacy and numeracy, construction, creative arts, music and pretend play experiences all designed for active and busy minds and bodies.


We believe that the preschool years are a precious and critical stage of human development. We know that children need emotional and social skills appropriate to their stage of life and, through play-based learning, particular emphasis is placed on encouraging the development of the whole child, ensuring that children are confident within themselves to transition to school.

Transitioning to school is more than being about a child’s age. In order for a successful and happy transition to school, children need to have a good grasp of language, motor co-ordination, social and emotional skills and facilitated development of literacy and numeracy confidence. Our educators utilise the Early Years Learning Framework as the foundation of our preschool curriculum.


Explore & Develop Roseville


388 Eastern Valley Way
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Monday – Friday
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