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  • At Explore & Develop Terrigal, your child will be part of a truly holistic education program from the day they begin. Our curriculum aligns with the Walker Learning approach to early childhood education.

    This teaching and learning approach is founded on neuroscience research and recognises the importance of relationships and attachment, as well as intentional teaching practices.

    By focusing on building strong connections with the children, the Walker Learning Approach provides the opportunity to understand each individual child’s stage of development. This enables educators to support the children to be the best they can be and are prepared for their life ahead.

    Our aim is to foster resilience and confidence in children giving them a passion for investigating and inquiring about their world and to become lifelong learners. Together with our current early childhood practices, Explore & Develop Terrigal provides a beautiful learning environment with a natural outdoor area for children to explore.

  • Explore & Develop Terrigal child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Terrigal child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Terrigal child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop Terrigal child care and preschool
    • Highly qualified educators

      It is Explore & Develops stated aim to maintain the highest professional teaching standards in a happy and resourceful working environment for our employees. We are committed to continuous professional learning and development ensuring the highest standards of education and care for children.

    • Natural outdoor environments

      Our service provides a texturally rich and natural outdoor environment for children to investigate and be stimulated while exploring areas such as sand pits, grassed areas and open spaces that are safe for energetic play.

    • Health and well-being

      Our food is prepared on the premises by our chef, who is specially trained in child nutrition, ensuring meals are well balanced with all the essential vitamins and nutrients children need for an active, fun-filled day.

    • Family and community focused

      Supporting our children and families to feel connected with their community also assists them to become aware of similarities, differences and connections between people, to broaden their understanding of the community they live in. We support various fundraising initiatives by gold coin donation such as Cancer Council, Asthma Foundation and Kids Cancer Council.

    • Excursions

      Our bushwalk, beach, reptile park and transport excursions are planned throughout the year to extend children’s learning and expand children’s concepts of the world around them and their role in society.

    • Exceeding national standards

      Under the National Quality Framework, Explore & Develop Terrigal received a rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’. Please click the link to view our assessment and rating certificate.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Terrigal
    • Suzanne Barrett

      Suzanne Barrett
      Approved Provider

      MBA, Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), Certificate III Children’s Services, Diploma of Children’s Services, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood).

      “My personal philosophy has evolved over many years, through my experience in travel and from my own wonderful childhood growing up on the Central Coast. I believe that children need natural environments to explore, trained educators to support their learning and a community rich with diversity to nurture their development.

      Each child is an individual and I wish to provide children with the best possible environment from which they can gain confidence and develop social and emotional skills, which will prepare them for life.

      Each child will be loved, cherished and encouraged to reach their full potential, through my hands-on leadership and caring, professional educator guidance.”

    • We wanted to send our biggest thanks to you and your amazing staff for what has been such a wonderful year. Explore & Develop Terrigal is a showcase centre, the facility is always evolving and continuously improving. Throughout the year we have seen ongoing maintenance, additions and care for the building, which has been wonderful to see. The rooms and outdoor play areas are always changing, inviting, bright and engaging. It’s so wonderful to bring Jules to the centre each day to be welcomed by such a vibrant and fun environment.
      A big congratulations to you and your management team for your running and management of the centre. We have been so happy with the excellent foundations on which you run the centre and the consistent approach to maintaining such a high level of service and care shows through. It is so nice to see you at the centre so regularly and I believe that this contributes to your staff being such wonderful carers. You deserve a big thank you, because it is evident that you are truly invested in running such a successful business, caring for your staff, and providing the most incredible care for the children. 
      Your staff have been the highlight of the year for us. We are so grateful for their hard work and genuine care and passion for being carers. This has shown through every day, and is truly evident through Jules and his contentment with the staff. Karin, Stacey, and Jordie are so professional, engaging, and passionate. We are constantly surprised at the additional effort that they go to on a daily basis to make the day special for the children. They always take the time to speak to us each day and hear about Jules, and they also engage with us to learn more about our family interests. We are so grateful for their dedication to Julian’s development throughout the year. Jules has shown us things he has learned from the girls which has been a beautiful surprise (new words, feeding himself, drinking from a cup, walking, engaging in activities, dancing, making a star with his hands – the list goes on). And we are also so grateful for the wonderful handmade craft and gifts that come home so often, especially for special occasions. These things are all so unexpected, and it is such a lovely surprise. It’s so nice that even staff that aren’t Julian’s carers, know his name and always engage with him – it certainly makes the centre a welcoming place when everyone smiles and knows your name! 
      We can’t express enough how impressed and happy we have been with all aspects of Explore & Develop Terrigal this year. What a fantastic centre with such amazing staff. A big congratulations to everyone and thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a big part of Julian’s life.

      Claire & Ben Ross, Explore & Develop Terrigal Family
    • We can’t express enough how impressed and happy we have been with all aspects of Explore & Develop Terrigal this year. What a fantastic centre with such amazing staff. A big congratulations to everyone and thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a big part of Julian’s life.

      Claire & Ben Ross
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Terrigal
  • Butterflies

    0 – 18 months

    We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, nurturing environment for children and their families during their first year at Explore & Develop Terrigal.

    We work in partnership with families in order to create home-like routines for the children, providing a smooth transition between home and the service. Our well-resourced indoor environment and shaded natural outdoor environment, encourage stimulation and motivation for curious infants to explore in a safe, protective, learning spaces.

    Fee $120

  • Ladybirds

    1.5 – 2.5 years

    Children in our Ladybird room love the opportunities available to them to exercise their new-found independence. Their confidence is building, encouraging them to take on new challenges. Carefully planned learning environments invite children to explore and discover numerous opportunities. Our dedicated and skilled educator team support each child’s emerging self-help skills, such as feeding and hand-washing. Educators plan specialised programs tailored to meet each child’s interests and developmental levels.

    Fee $120

  • Busy Bees

    2.5 – 3.5 years

    Our Busy Bee room delivers space for our toddlers to explore, discover, create and imagine through play- based learning. Children’s independence is growing, and milestones, such as toilet training, are supported through partnerships with families. The curious nature and growing language skills of this age group stimulates their wonder of the world around them. Their questioning skills support their own learning, and connects them with the interest-based program, which aims to offer new experiences and development opportunities.

    Fee $117

  • Junior Preschool

    3.5 – 4.5 years

    The Dragonfly room is where children enter their junior preschool year. Autonomy and independence are continuously promoted. Children’s involvement in setting class rules and guidelines helps them to develop a sense of respect for themselves, their peers, and their environment. Through an interest projects and a play-based program, children explore and build foundation skills in areas such as numeracy, science, creative arts, language and literacy. As social and emotional skills mature, we begin to see more solid friendships evolve with children working together on shared goals.

    Fee $112

  • Senior Preschool

    4.5 – 6 years

    This is our senior preschool year, and the year in which most children prepare for life beyond Explore & Develop. Children at this age have a strong sense of autonomy and are keen participants in their learning environments. During this year, we extend upon and refine skills in key learning areas. There is a strong focus on skills such as social, emotional, literacy, numeracy and fine motor through the interest play based program and projects.

    Skilled educators work closely with families, school teachers and other early childhood professionals to ensure that each child has a positive transition to school. Our transition to school program promotes skills in areas such as academia, conflict resolution, self-help and self-confidence.

    Fee $112

  • Outdoor environment

    Explore & Develop Terrigal provides a texturally rich natural outdoor environment offering endless opportunities for discovery, exploration, creativity and learning. The environment not only challenges children’s physical well-being but also encourages children to take considered risks. It is through risk that children challenge themselves and further their own development in order to grow and learn both mentally, physically and emotionally.

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