• About Explore & Develop

  • BELONGING―We create environments that support a sense of belonging.

    PLAY―We encourage children to play.

    KNOWLEDGE―We value knowledge and recognize it’s potential.

    INCLUSION―We embed inclusive practices into our programs and environments.

    TRUST―We respect the importance of trust, and how this defines our relationships with children and families.

    We build relationships with children, families and our community. We use Early Childhood Australia’s Kids Matter program to inform educators and families about mental health. We recognize that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been nurturing and teaching children on this land for thousands of years and it is now our role to  educate the children and families in our community. We believe children are competent and capable members of the community, as such we engage in regular excursions in the community with children of all ages.

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    • Community-minded

      We have developed strong connections with local families, the indigenous community, and our wider environment.

    • Child-focused

      We view children as capable learners at every age.

    • Commitment to Educator Professional Development

      We strive to provide a stable educator group who undertake regular professional development to inform their work with children and families.

    • Strong connection with families

      We believe building, strong respectful relationships with families is key to helping children to belong.

    • Commitment to the natural environment

      We strive to include natural, sustainable resources both indoors and outdoors and through our programs.

    • Support of child development

      Educators regularly monitor children’s development and behaviour. We communicate areas of concern to families to further support the child’s development and access areas of support, if needed.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Annandale
    • Su Garrett BA

      Su Garrett has a Bachelor of Arts (Human Movement Studies), Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Certificate III in Children’s Services and is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management.

      “It is my goal to provide an environment where:

      • the needs of the children at the priority
      • each child has large periods of time to play, interacts with others and learns with their peers
      • children progress from early childhood as confident learners ready to engage in formal schooling
      • educators are valued as key in the scaffolding of children’s learning, and are given access to current resources and training to ensure they remain up-to-date with current thinking
      • we have meaningful partnerships and communities to add to the children’s experiences

      As the Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor, I am in the service daily. Ian and I work together to support our three children and operate Explore & Develop Annandale. We are both very active in our local community especially with regard to sport.”

    • We absolutely Love Explore & Develop Annandale, and have been members of the community since it opened. The care and love that Su and her team give to the children is exemplary. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made for both of my children’s child care.

      Grace and Max have grown so much, in their care, and I will be very sad to say goodbye in December, as my youngest leaves for school. I have never worried about leaving my children in their nurturing care. Max is so excited to go every day and see all his friends and continue interacting with them all on the amazing, ever changing, projects they engage the children with.

      I know the waitlist is very long, but it is worth the wait, I can’t speak highly enough of the centre and staff and have recommended many many friends to the centre, with no hesitation.

      I will be so sad to leave but we will be back for visits, the kids will insist!

      Caroline West
    • Explore & Develop Annandale is a business which prides itself on ensuring a high standard of care and facilities. The staff are warm and welcoming and the level of care and responsibility starts at the top and is cascaded down to all employees. I feel very comfortable leaving my most precious possession being my little girl in their care.

      Jennifer Lloyd
    • From the moment I walked into Explore & Develop Annandale for a tour, I knew it was a special place. I saw garden beds and tyre swings, happy children and smiling staff. There was a simultaneous sense of calm and joy. Once my children started attending, I leant that this was no accident but rather a flow on from the passionate, informed and considered leadership of the management, Su and Ian, backed by a carefully selected team. Each person in the centre works towards making it a safe, happy and productive place.
      For us, with two children grappling with multiple food allergies and intolerances, this “special” consideration involved individual meal preparation, careful menu consultation, and the management of medications and even a separate suncream. There has been constant communication as the children have grown (and, in some cases, outgrown intolerances.) It has never appeared a burden to staff but rather simply another facet of each child’s uniqueness.
      I have seen these same principle of inclusivity extended to children of various special physical and psychological needs at the centre, as well as an embracing of cultural diversity.
      I will be forever grateful for having happened upon the centre that day, for the safe haven it has become to our family.

      Rachael Cooper
    • The other day I was speaking with another Explore & Develop Annandale mother who commented that dropping your child at the centre was really like “leaving them with a family member, you can’t wish for anymore than that.” This could not be more true for our family. We have been so blessed to have both our children cared for, loved and taught by Su and her amazing team. In fact, next year there will be a large hole in our lives as we will no longer have a child at the service. Su, Ian, Melanie, Jessica, Mr Chris and all the other staff have created the most enriching, exclusive and loving environment for our children, so much so that I don’t think a better childcare experience could be found.
      Thank you so much,

      Marina & Adam Robinson
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Annandale
  • 0 – 2 years

    4 educators led by an Early Childhood Teacher

    Child-led routine and program

    Indoor outdoor program

    Development of language

    Development of strong relationships with families

  • 2 – 3 years

    4 educators led by an Early Childhood teacher

    Focus on social and emotional learning

    Toilet training and self-help skill development

    Peer relationship-building modeled by educators

    Regular excursions in the local community

  • 3 – 5 years

    2 educators led by an Early Childhood teacher

    Focus on independence for Transition to School

    Social and emotional development through peer interaction

    Focus on literacy and numeracy through real life experiences

  • Outdoor environment

    • Direct flow between our indoor and outdoor learning environments
    • Bush Tucker garden and native plants
    • Natural space where children can explore and manipulate elements
    • All meals are served on the verandah
    • Two separate playgrounds for 0-2 years and 2-5 years
    • Siblings and friends often visit one another’s playground
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