Explore & Develop Annandale

Our School Flag by Kirsty Piendl


A Teacher Reflection, December 2021 The Flag Project began as a question, ‘Why do we have four flag poles, but only three flags?” and led to a flag raising ceremony almost nine months later. To think back on this project, I feel immense pride seeing the ‘for ..

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Our Space, Our Place, Our Community


The making of the Ngurra Mural by Madeleine Gill 2022The Ngurra Mural, 2022The Ngurra children at Explore & Develop Annandale undertook a mural project with Madeleine Gill, Early Childhood Teacher late last year and early this year. This article by Madeleine reflects on the process and details ..

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Magic Has Been Brewing: Considering Gender, Magic and Imagination.


An interest in immersing ourselves in an imaginary magical world was sparked early last year as the children were exploring sounds and listening to instrumental compositions. One particular soundscape that featured twinkling chimes and suspenseful highs and lows became the ‘fairy music’ and was a prompt to drive imaginary dramatic play.

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Afternoon Tea; Sustainability, Ritual and Food


Sustainability is a key facet of our curriculum. Embedding sustainable practices, communicating environmental responsibility, and observing environmental stewardship and activism in our children are regular, deep, and underlying parts of what we do.

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Trusting 2 Year Olds With Tools
A project book


Through trust we built connection.

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LET’S GET OUT OF HERE AND FEEL IT! Getting out in the rain.


The excitement was electric as educators helped the Wombat and Possum children into Splash Suits, raincoats, and gumboots for their adventure in the rain. The chatter was constant, children wondered what it would be like to go to our favourite places in the rain! For real life! Would there be puddles? Would there be mud?

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Pollinators; A Bee Inspired Exhibition


Around this time two years ago, our Stingless Native Bee Hive arrived and our little school on the roof became obsessed! As I write this 2021, I cannot help but reflect on how much this little box in the garden has influenced the choices we have made the past two years. Everything from the plants we choose for the garden, to the curriculum directions we take.

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Becoming Continent; A Guide to Toilet Training


Toilet training is one of the biggest challenges for parents. When to start, how to start, do you go straight to undies? Basically, being “toilet trained” means a child moves from a state of incontinence to a state of continence and it usually takes some time for children to be completely competent at using the toilet.

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