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  • At Explore & Develop Artarmon, it is our vision to create a high-quality Early Childhood environment which strives to continually grow and evolve and impacts the lives of children, families, educators and the wider community, in many ways. Our service’s philosophy supports this, drawing on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, and the Australian National Law and Regulations.With these, and our professional ethics and Reconciliation Action Plan, we aim to create an environment which promotes diversity, inclusion and social equity.

    Supported by strong relationships created at the service, our objective is to provide a play-based curriculum for children that encourages thinking, investigating, exploring and problem solving, using a variety of mediums. Our curriculum is guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as well as many other Early Childhood teaching theories and curriculum perspectives.

    In relation to school-readiness and transition to school, Explore & Develop Artarmon has a strong commitment to provide an environment which focuses on developing skills that will not only benefit children when they go to school, but also throughout life. We begin this process right from the babies room, and focus on developing skills and dispositions such as perseverance, conflict resolution, empathy, curiosity, creativity and self-expression. It is our aim to develop diverse strategies and approaches to learning to ensure children transition to school feeling confident and capable about their ability to take on learning challenges.

  • Explore & Develop Child Care & Preschool Artarmon
    Explore & Develop Child Care & Preschool Artarmon
    Explore & Develop Child Care & Preschool Artarmon
    Explore & Develop Child Care & Preschool Artarmon
    Explore & Develop Artarmon Child Care & Preschool - Amygdala Chair
    • Individually owned and operated

      Explore & Develop Artarmon is owned and operated by two Early Childhood teachers who work closely to inspire and lead educators in providing a high-quality curriculum, and a secure and stimulating environment for children and families.

    • Exceeding National Quality Standard

      Our service was one of the first in Australia to be assessed under the National Quality Framework as “Exceeding the National Quality Standard” across all seven quality areas. We maintain this “Exceeding” rating through reflection on our daily practice and continual improvement planning.

    • Community and family focused

      Developing consistent and trusting relationships between children, families and educators is our main focus, which assists in fostering a strong sense of community and provides a solid foundation for developing the children’s learning environment. As educators move their class through the service each year, we are able to support and maintain these close relationships.

    • Experienced teachers and culturally diverse team

      Our team exceeds the national standards for qualifications and ratios and we strongly value the extension of professional learning and long term retention of excellent educators. Our educators represent a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, languages and experiences.

    • Inclusive, anti-bias play-based curriculum

      Our service’s philosophy supports a broad and inclusive play-based curriculum which focuses on supporting children’s dispositions for learning as well as investigating their ideas, perceptions and concepts within the world around them.

    • Natural outdoor environment extending beyond

      Our outdoor space is richly resourced with open-ended and natural materials where children are encouraged to experience all of the elements and broad learning opportunities that the outdoors provide. We regularly venture outside of the service on bush walks, and to engage with the local community.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Artarmon
    • Alison

      Alison is extremely passionate about the early years of children’s s lives, and invests a lot of time ensuring the educators she employs are like-minded and share the same teaching philosophies. Alison’s commitment to professional development sees her attending regular early childhood conferences and seminars.

    • Laura

      Laura is a director at Explore & Develop Artarmon, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Teaching. With many years of experience, Laura has seen the benefits for all children in having the opportunity to engage in high-quality Early Childhood Education. She believes that teaching and learning is a reciprocal process between children, families and educators, and that together we can support learning and development through shared partnerships. Laura has particular interests in curriculum support, Indigenous perspectives, infant and toddler pedagogies, leadership, and mentoring.

    • My 2 children have both been at Explore & Develop Artarmon and have worked their way through the babies, toddlers, junior preschool and senior preschool rooms. I just love the place! The staff really care, it is a lovely nurturing environment with carers that are there to give the children the best experience they can. A lot of the staff have been there for a long time (as long as my 5 years there at least!) and it is so special that they have been a part of my children’s lives as they have turned from babies into school age and really know their personalities. I believe a key reason for the great culture is that it is run really well by the directors, who are parents themselves and completely understand what a service like this needs. I feel incredibly lucky that I found this place, and that my children had the experience they have over the years. Definitely one happy customer!

      Kirsten Knappett
    • My daughter, was a baby when she started, and loves going to Explore & Develop Artarmon. She feels she belongs and is comfortable with her friends and educators. Every time I pick her up, she is always busy playing in different parts of the room. I like that there is a huge outdoor area for the Babies Room separate from the bigger playground, which means I know that my daughter would be having lots of fun outdoor safely. The educators are always happy and vibrant. I appreciate that they are also attentive to the parent’s concern of our child there.

      Nadirah Boyle
    • My 3 year old daughter has been attending Explore & Develop Artarmon since she was 8 months old and she absolutely loves it. She is constantly being stimulated and challenged by her educators and always has lots of fun. Her Educators are very kind and loving and they have a genuine interest in all of the children in their care. They take the time to nurture each of the children’s individual needs. I find all of the staff at Explore & Develop very friendly and extremely helpful and would highly recommend the service.

      Sarah Lonergan
    • The quality of care and standard of staff at Explore & Develop is outstanding. The team are energised, innovative and most of all, seriously care about our children in a way we couldn’t ask for more. Laura, Alison and Krystal are excellent leaders and passionate about ensuring the kids are safe but also receive the best opportunities to develop and grow in a way that suits each child’s needs. We’ve put two daughters through Explore & Develop Artarmon and feel so lucky that we scored such awesome educators and an awesome daycare service!

      Amy C
    • From the moment I walked into Explore & Develop Artarmon, I knew this was where I wanted my son to attend daycare. The educators are an extension of our family – they care for our little people in a way that I couldn’t have expected but am always grateful. Explore & Develop always handle everything with absolute professionalism, care and with child’s immediate needs come first. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Explore & Develop Artarmon to prospective parents.

      Joanne Schofield
    • I absolutely love Explore & Develop, we came from another centre that just wasn’t the right fit for us, everyone at E & D made the transition smooth for my daughter and myself, and the management team have been so great with any queries I have. Amelia has had such an amazing bond with all her teachers and she has grown so much being in such a nurturing environment. I look forward to seeing the evolving relationship with her new teachers next year and hearing about all the new things she can’t wait to tell me about when I pick her up. I cannot recommend the centre highly enough to anyone looking for a day-care centre!

      Justine Simpson
    • Our son has been part of the Explore & Develop Artarmon family for the past 4 years and we couldn’t feel happier or more grateful with our journey at this learning service. From having peace of mind by knowing that he is in a safe place where he is well cared for, loved, respected, encouraged to learn and experience, taught all sorts of life and social skills, in a word happy, to the fun activities and engaging experiences that his highly qualified educators provided to help develop his curious little mind. This is truly a well-rounded centre that allows our children to flourish and be well prepared for their next step in life.
      Thank you so very much for having given Isaac a safe space to explore and develop during his early years, and most especially for the invaluable love and care that he received every day during this time. We are blessed for having been part of your family.

      Ivonne, Isaac & Francisco
  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Artarmon
  • Babies Room

    0 – 2 years

    In our Babies room we care for up to 16 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 2.5 years. With five full-time educators led by a university qualified early childhood teacher we provide a 1/3 adult-to-child ratio. In this room, we take a primary caregiving approach focused on following individual routines, respecting children’s rights and providing safe and secure attachments. With a flexible environment layout we encourage the children to move freely between the indoor and outdoor environments engaging in multiple play-based experiences.

  • Toddlers Room

    2 – 3 years

    Our toddlers room provides care for up to 20 children aged between 2 years and 3.5 years. With four full-time educators, this room has two university qualified early childhood teachers who focus on developing a curriculum which fosters a hands on learning approach, supporting children’s sensory awareness and developing independence. There is also a strong focus on encouraging the foundations of early social relationships through language and positive communication, negotiation, empathy and self-expression.

  • Junior Preschool Room

    3 – 4 years

    In our Junior Preschool Room we continue to build on the foundations that will ensure a lifelong love of learning for all children. In this room we cater for 20 children, aged 3 years to 4.5 years with three full-time educators. Led by a university trained early childhood teacher, the curriculum in this room begins to follow a deeper project based approach. With a focus on questioning, investigating and problem solving, the children are supported in their developing self-help and skills of independence.

  • Explore & Develop Child Care & Preschool Artarmon

  • Senior Preschool Room

    4 – 5 years

    Our Senior Preschool Room is a space shared by 20 children per day aged between 3.5 years and 5 years, with three full-time educators. Two early childhood teachers work in this room to develop our senior curriculum which has an emphasis on deepening projects to focus on equity, inclusion, fairness and social justice as well as fostering social and emotional skills such as curiosity, resourcefulness, independent thinking, problem solving, initiative and perseverance. Within a literacy- and numeracy-rich environment, children are encouraged to take on responsibility within the room.

  • Outdoor environment

    Our outdoor learning spaces have been created to maximise an appreciation of the natural environment and provide stimulating sensory challenges for children. With separate outdoor learning spaces available for varying ages we are able to plan our curriculum appropriately to meet the individual developmental needs of children. Large open spaces allow opportunities for engaging in unique experiences. Children engage in risk taking, challenging obstacles, bike riding, team games, large construction, gardening, sand and mud play.

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