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The purpose behind Explore & Develop Artarmon’s online Professional Journal is to create a space for our educators to engage in the process of thoughtful, reflective, self-examination of our pedagogies and practice. A combination of theoretical and practice based narratives, our writing aims to provide an opportunity for deep thinking and to consider, contemplate, challenge and explore areas of professional interest.

We hope to share our thinking with the wider community – children, families, educators and other early childhood professionals – about what’s important to us. Our centre philosophy values the notion of lifelong learning. It is through our reflections that we aim to provoke critical thinking and invite open and constructive perspectives and further discussion to extend on our learning journey.

Art as a Form of Communication
‘The Need for Intentional Teachers to a Generation of Intentional Artists’


Drawing and other art mediums have long provided children with a means to express themselves, acting as the bridge between internal thoughts and external communication (Richards, 2017). From babies, to toddlers, to preschoolers, children relish the sensory and physical experience of mark-making – feeling the pencil drag along a fresh piece ..

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An Exploration into our Nappy Changing Practices
Part 3: The Power of Language: Thinking About Your Choice of Words


Through our last two journal entries, you have followed us on our journey towards respectful nappy changes and toilet learning. Now it’s time for us to reflect on what we’ve learnt and wonder where our knowledge will take us in the future. Overwhelmingly, we feel it’s the words ..

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An Exploration into our Nappy Changing Practices
Part 2: Control vs Choice: Relationships of mutual respect


What does giving choice to another person really mean? And who decides who has the power to give the choice to begin with? Who is in control of the interactions within an environment and how are decisions made about when and if to share control with children? These ..

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An Exploration into our Nappy Changing Practices
Part 1: Quality vs. Quantity – Building relationships not ticking boxes


Why change a nappy when it doesn’t need changing? Is this a question you have ever asked yourself? Well we did and in 2015 we began an action research project titled “Nappy change routines: Inspiring practice through questioning the norm.” The project focussed on nappy changing in our under 3’s ..

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