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At Explore & Develop we provide a haven for everyday discovery and learning. Our environments are natural and reflective of home.   We offer daily programs that reflect a calm, relaxed and unrushed environment for growing and learning.

All Explore & Develop services are individually owned and operated by passionate professionals who are on site daily ensuring high quality education and care. We value the commitment, dedication, and professionalism of our educators and their desire to give every child a great start in life.

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Leichhardt, 33 Flood Street

Explore & Develop Leichhardt aims to inspire children to imagine, explore and learn all within a nurturing and home like environment.

Our comprehensive nursery and preschool programs place specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognise the importance of communication and language, including early literacy and numeracy, social and emotional development, as well as physical development and co-ordination.

Retaining the extraordinary rustic integrity of a former warehouse, our purpose-built conversion provides a unique and inspiring environment for all children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. With multiple outdoor areas, the architecturally designed play spaces specifically cater for different age groups to promote the development of gross motor skills, an appreciation of the natural environment and stimulating sensory challenges.

Rated as Exceeding across all 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard of the National Quality Framework

Explore Develop Childcare Preschool Outdoor

Lilyfield, 370 Norton Street

Explore & Develop Lilyfield is located at 370 Norton Street, just near the City West Link. With a strong community presence, we support children’s learning and development by providing a stimulating, encouraging and nurturing environment that is both inclusive and recognises diversity.

As a boutique-sized service, we offer smaller groups of children and a purposeful, highly specialised and individualised curriculum.

Our natural environments are nurturing, fun and stimulating, providing a holistic approach for each child’s journey of self- discovery. We support children to experiment, discover, explore, create investigate, solve problems and express ideas through play-based learning that engages children’s hands, hearts and minds.

Explore & Develop Lilyfield offers an engaging outdoor oasis and our “Our of the Gate” curriculum provides authentic and meaningful opportunities that empowers children to become valued members of their community.

Rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard of the National Quality Framework

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33 Flood Street
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370 Norton Street
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