Explore & Develop Parramatta is licensed for 78 children per day, educating and caring for children from birth to six years. At Explore & Develop Parramatta, we aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy. We give priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional support so that they become confident and develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others.

We are committed to equity and believe in all children’s capabilities to succeed. We offer children the freedom to explore and discover through play-based learning whilst providing programs that aim to enrich their learning through planned experiences and programs.

At Explore & Develop Parramatta, our service’s design, furniture and resources have been carefully researched and selected to ensure an environment that is warm, relaxed, safe and secure where children are free to imagine, explore, create and discover so as to be continually learning about themselves, others and the world around them.We provide experiences for the children which include science, music, reptiles, sea life experiences, sewing, language classes, water safety, police talks, fire brigade visits, cultural inclusion workshops all for the children as part of our services.

We use an electronical program called Kinderloop to communicate curriculum, learning and care routines with families.

Explore & Develop Parramatta works with Playgroup NSW providing a DADs and Bubs program on weekends, where families can enjoy arts, crafts, stories and fun activities on weekends.


We aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy.

Strong connection with families

We believe that working in partnership with our families is essential in ensuring continuity and progression in children’s learning and development.

Open communication

We value open and honest communication with families through direct contact with our team of educators, through newsletters, parent communication board, emails, information evenings etc.

Experienced and dedicated staff

We have long-term educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with the children. We invest in our educators through regular professional development to help them grow and learn the latest development in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Commitment to the natural environment

We strive to include natural sustainable resources both indoors and outdoors and through our programs.

Sense of community

We believe in working in partnership with our local community through participating in local community events or through excursions to local community venues.


of Explore & Develop Parramatta

Explore & Develop North Ryde Public School
Irene Vidiac

Irene Vidaic, a seasoned expert in Early Childhood Education and Care, has over a decade of experience.

Irene is a devoted mother to two daughters, that also share her passion for nurturing young minds and work alongside her within her service.

Irene’s unwavering commitment lies in creating an exceptional environment where children’s needs take centre stage and young minds are fostered for greatness.

Her ultimate goal is to establish a place where families and little ones alike feel a genuine sense of belonging, security, and comfort for their educational journey.

With two Explore & Develop services under her ownership, Irene has been a pillar of her local community since 2006 and continues to thrive on the support and dedication of her team.

Alongside her dedicated team of long-term educators, they wholeheartedly embrace the values of warmth, respect, and responsiveness in building strong connections with the children. Furthermore, they cherish the diverse cultural backgrounds of each child, empowering them to develop a strong sense of individual identity.

As the esteemed Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor, Irene’s presence is felt on a daily basis, ensuring the utmost care and quality within her services. Beyond her professional endeavours, she finds joy in baking with the children and cherishing precious moments with her beloved family.

Step into Irene’s world, where passion, expertise, and a nurturing environment merge to shape a remarkable educational experience for young minds.


Explore & Develop Parramatta

Explore&Develop Parramatta Childcare new photos 06 Bilby room
Babies Room

0 – 2 years

Our aim in the Nursery is ensuring consistency between a child’s home life and their time at the service with us.

We aim to build strong partnerships with our families, ensuring we cater for each child’s individual routines and needs, by providing educators who provide nurturing care and education.

  • All nutritional meals, drinking cups, formula, nappies, linen, blankets, hats and sunscreen are provided.
  • Breastfeeding room available for nursing mothers
  • Dedicated cot room for nursery children
  • Personalised and developmentally programs designed by our qualified educators.
Explore&Develop Parramatta Childcare Koala room
Toddler Room

2 – 3 years

Our Koala Room offers a stimulating and safe environment. Our program continues to extend on children’s learning, focusing on children’s interests by providing an environment that encourages imagination and discovery. We offer individual social development, which helps independence to keep active minds occupied and stimulates personal growth.

  • All nutritional meals, drinking cups, nappies, linen, blankets, hats and sunscreen are provided.
Explore & Develop Parramatta Child Care and Preschool
Preschool Room

3 – 5 years

Our Wombat Preschool Room (preschool room) offers an extensive school focus, to ensure we provide the tools which will support their learning beyond Explore & Develop Parramatta, making them capable learners.

Through supportive Early Childhood Teachers, who provide stimulating environments,
Our ‘Transition to School’ program supports all areas of development in children, not only for school, but in life beyond.

Literacy and numeracy are embedded into everything that we do, and in every room our children are involved in. Our pre-lite program helps children understand the concept of literacy and reading.

Find out more about our ‘Early Foundations for Lifelong learning – Transition to School Program’.

  • All nutritional meals, linen, blankets, hats and sunscreen are provided.
Explore & Develop Parramatta Child Care and Preschool
Outdoor environment

Our generous outdoor space is designed to provide children with wonderful opportunities to play and discover their outdoor environment.

Our service gardens are wonderful and enriching environments that offer numerous benefits to young children. They serve as an outdoor classroom, which provides a hands-on learning experience fostering children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development and our ‘garden to classroom’ experiences.

The sandpit offers a wide range of benefits for young children’s development and learning, such as creativity, imaginative play and a variety of sensory experiences and fine motor skill enhancement.

We have three separate outdoor environments which we use throughout the day, no matter what the weather.

Transition to school

Children embark on an extraordinary journey with our ‘Transition to School’ Program. Starting school marks a momentous milestone for both children and families, and at Explore & Develop Parramatta, we’re here to ensure a seamless and successful transition. Our program goes beyond mere preparation for school – it lays down the crucial foundations for lifelong learning.

Through our play-based and developmentally appropriate curriculum, children delve into a world of exciting knowledge, essential skills, and empowering attitudes. We understand the importance of nurturing young minds, equipping them not just for their school years, but for a lifetime of learning and growth.

Discover more about our exceptional ‘Transition to School Program’ by simply clicking on the link here:  Transition to School Program’. Uncover the transformative experiences and educational opportunities that await your child on this remarkable educational journey.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rheanna Lotter, a brilliant contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud Yuin woman.

Through her remarkable talent and deep connection to Aboriginal culture, Rheanna has been collaborating with our children, nurturing their understanding and appreciation of this rich heritage.

Experience the joy and excitement our children as they embark on artistic journeys alongside Rheanna, embracing the beauty and significance of Aboriginal culture.

Discover the transformative power of art and cultural exploration in the hands of a true visionary! This wonderful experience for our children is all part of our service at no extra cost.


Explore & Develop Parramatta


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Business Hours

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