• About Explore & Develop

  • Explore & Develop Parramatta is licensed for 78 children per day, educating and caring for children from birth to six years. At Explore & Develop Parramatta, we aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy. We give priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional support so that they become confident and develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others.

    We are committed to equity and believe in all children’s capabilities to succeed. We offer children the freedom to explore and discover through play-based learning whilst providing programs that aim to enrich their learning through planned experiences and programs.

    At Explore & Develop Parramatta, our service’s design, furniture and resources have been carefully researched and selected to ensure an environment that is warm, relaxed, safe and secure where children are free to imagine, explore, create and discover so as to be continually learning about themselves, others and the world around them.We provide experiences for the children which include science, music, reptiles, sea life experiences, sewing, language classes, water safety, police talks, fire brigade visits, cultural inclusion workshops all for the children as part of our services.

    We use an electronical program called Kinderloop to communicate curriculum, learning and care routines with families.

  • Explore & Develop Parramatta Child Care
    Explore & Develop Parramatta Child Care
    Explore & Develop Parramatta Child Care
    • Child-focused

      We aim to provide an environment where children can feel safe, secure and happy.

    • Strong connection with families

      We believe that working in partnership with our families is essential in ensuring continuity and progression in children’s learning and development.

    • Experienced and dedicated staff

      We have long-term educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with the children. We invest in our educators through regular professional development to help them grow and learn the latest development in Early Childhood Education and Care.

    • Open communication

      We value open and honest communication with families through direct contact with our team of educators, through newsletters, parent communication board, emails, information evenings etc.

    • Commitment to the natural environment

      We strive to include natural sustainable resources both indoors and outdoors and through our programs.

    • Sense of community

      We believe in working in partnership with our local community through participating in local community events or through excursions to local community venues.

  • Owner/Operator

    of Explore & Develop Parramatta
    • Irene Vidiac

      Irene Vidaic has over 10 years’ experience within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, and is also a mother of two daughters. Irene is highly experienced and passionate, and her goal is to provide an environment where the needs of the children are the priority. Her aim is to provide a place where children and families feel they belong, and feel secure and comfortable in the learning environment.
      Irene owns two Explore & Develop services. She has been providing education and care to the local community since 2006 with long-term educators who are committed to building warm, respectful, responsive relationships with the children, building upon the diverse cultural backgrounds of each child, whilst promoting the individual child’s sense of identity.
      As the Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor, Irene is in the service daily. Outside of work, she loves to bake and spend time with her family.

    • My daughter Max who is 18mths has been attending E&D Parramatta for almost a year now. I’m so delighted with this centre and I love how the staff and management love my child. The educators are attentive to her needs. She has learnt so much during her time and they have really help her with her social and educational milestone. I’m always being told how smart and clever my daughter is and I have to thank Explore & Develop Parramatta as I know that she gets a lot of these skills from her time at daycare.

      Bianca 2016
    • Explore & Develop Parramatta is a highly organised and professionally run long day education and care centre. The physical surroundings of the centre are immaculate, organised, colourful and highly engaging for our children. This centre owner (Irene Vidaic) prides herself and commitment to having happy kids, who are having fun whilst learning and engaging with their world. The outdoor play area has a veggie patch and water features that encourage children to make, think and play whilst learning. The teachers are highly dedicated and clearly love their jobs – they have a strong connection with the children at the centre and close relationships with parents make them efficient at handling all matters. I have used this centre for the last 7 years and the quality of service, surroundings, innovative ideas just keep getting better… Kindaloop is used with great success, allowing parents to see what their child gets up to everyday – another effective way to communicate with parents. This place has helped me raised my children, whilst I have gone to work.

    • I have both of my children in Explore & Develop (Parramatta) and I could not be happier with how they are developing. From the moment, I started I felt at ease and comfortable and that’s because I can tell the staff are dedicated and passionate about early childhood development, you can feel this by speaking to the educators, the engaging environment of the place and the communication to parents of their daily routine. The management of the centre is professional and empathetic– I have two kids with food allergies and knowing that the centre takes this seriously and have procedures in place – this puts me at ease. Most importantly for me is the centre sets the right balance between education and fun – I know my kids always have a good day when they’re in there!

    • We recently moved our son to Explore & Develop after hearing much about the quality of care and education it delivers. It is indeed a centre that leaves every parent feeling safe and satisfied after dropping off their child. Our eldest daughter constantly complains that we discovered Explore & Develop after she had started big school.
      From a parent’s perspective,I feel thrilled every week to find new ideas being explored in the centre. There is always something happening, something new, something worth stopping and checking! Every corner in that place hides many stories and giggles and the warmth a mom feels there says it all!
      From my son’s perspective Explore and Develop has made his child care days “GREAT DAYS”!
      Irene and the team we can never thank you enough!

  • Learning Environments

    Explore & Develop Parramatta
  • Babies Room

    0 – 2 years
    • Child-led routine and program
    • Indoor/Outdoor program
    • Flexible approach to ensure continuity with home
    • Development of strong relationships with families
  • Explore & Develop Parramatta Childcare & Preschool Outdoor
    Explore & Develop Parramatta Childcare & Preschool Outdoor
    Explore & Develop Parramatta Childcare & Preschool Outdoor
    Explore & Develop Parramatta Childcare & Preschool Outdoor
  • Toddler Room

    2 – 3 years
    • Play-based learning
    • Focus on exploration and discovery
    • Toilet training and self-help skill development
    • Peer relationship-building modelled by educators
    • Indoor and outdoor programs
  • Preschool Room

    3 – 5 years
    • Self-help skill development
    • Social and emotional development through peer interaction.
    • Fun, play-based, innovative educational program
    • Indoor and outdoor programs
  • Senior Preschool Room

    4 – 5 years
    • Focus on independence for transition to school
    • Social and emotional development through peer interaction
    • Focus on literacy and numeracy through real-life experiences
    • Strong emphasis on developing their confidence
    • Indoor, outdoor and excursion programs
  • Outdoor environment

    • Direct flow between our indoor and outdoor learning environments
    • Two separate playgrounds; birth to 0 – 2 and 2 – 5
    • Herb and vegetable garden
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    Explore & Develop Parramatta
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