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Upcoming Services

We are excited to announce that Explore & Develop Umina is opening early 2017! To place your child on the Explore &...

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Franchise Opportunities

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Community Partnerships
Community Partnerships

At Explore & Develop, we recognise our role in the local community. We promote awareness of local services in our Early...

Leadership in Education
Leadership in Education

We value the commitment and professionalism of our teams, recognising their experience and contribution in all aspects of our service...

Explore & Develop Philosophy 

At Explore & Develop,

we cherish and protect the innocence of children by providing safe and protective environments.

we treasure the time children take to grow. We believe that children develop at their own rate and in their own time. This is why Explore & Develop offers daily programs that reflect a calm, relaxed and unrushed environment for growing and learning.

we help children reach their full potentialby providing enriching, meaningful and ‘real’ opportunities for learning and development through emergent educational programs.

we value individuality as part of our community. The Explore & Develop community consists of children, families and our team. We also value our role within the greater community in which we exist.

we provide a haven for everyday discovery & learning.We believe that children learn as they explore, discover, make, create and imagine. We value constructive play as a tool for learning through our natural environments. We believe that learning environments should be welcoming spaces that are rich and varied.

we have an appetite for health and wellbeing. We provide programs and meals that support and reinforce healthy living and food choices. We also provide a safe and secure environment for all children, families and the team at our service.

we believe in caring for, guiding and nurturing children.We offer caring and nurturing environments to accommodate the needs of infants through to preschool aged children.

we celebrate our differences through acknowledgement and acceptance of diversity within our community. We value the insights and traditions that can be shared, respected and appreciated within our service.

we welcome and value each family and their contribution. We cater for the diverse needs of all our families. Imbedded in our culture is the notion that families are a part of our service and are invited to make contributions to all aspects of its operation. We believe that working in partnerships with families is central to ensuring continuity and progression in learning and development.

we value the commitment and professionalism of our team. We recognise the experience and input of our team in all aspects of the service and appreciate their dedication as an integral part of the service’s successes.

we care for our world and its future. We achieve this through everyday teaching about respect for our service environment and the natural world around us.

we believe in preparingchildren for a life beyond that of the home and the service. As children prepare for their transition to school, Explore & Develop offers specialised programs to support their developing confidence, life skills and abilities.

Our Commitment to Early Childhood Education and Care 

At Explore & Develop, we treasure the time it takes children to grow, and believe that all children should have the opportunity to develop at their own rate, in their own time and that learning should occur in an unrushed environment (Explore & Develop Philosophy).

We value the knowledge and experience of our teams and their dedication to providing education and care environments that are enriching and meaningful to the children within it, we carry with us a belief that children learn through play within environments that are thoughtfully created with learning opportunities in the foresight.

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Our Assurance to Children & Families

Partnerships with Children, Families & Our Communities

Explore & Develop recognises that families are their child’s first and most influential teachers. We are committed to building genuine partnerships with all families where relationships are respectful and reciprocal.

We believe that working in partnership with families is central to ensuring continuity in care and progression in the learning and development of each child as an individual (Explore & Develop Philosophy).

We value the varied perspectives, knowledge and experience that families bring to our services, and particularly value their unique relationship with and knowledge of their children.

Safe & Secure

At Explore & Develop, we cherish and protect the innocence of children by providing safe and protective environments in which they feel free to engage and explore.

All Explore & Develop early childhood education and care services are designed with the safety of children in mind.   All of our services are only accessible via security swipe, ensuring that only those families enrolled have open access to the service during operating hours.

Working with Children’s Check

All educators working in an early childhood education and care service are required, by law, to hold a current ‘Working with Children Clearance’.

All Explore & Develop educators are required to submit a working with children’s check prior to employment, these checks are then verified by the Approved Provider of the service prior to any educator being employed to engage with children at our services.

Experienced & Qualified Educators

We value the commitment and professionalism of our teams, recognising their experience and contribution in all aspects of our service and appreciate their dedication as an integral part of our successes.

All Explore & Develop education and care services are guided by the Education and Care Services National Regulations in regards to the employment of suitably qualified educators within our services.

Our Values 

Collaboration to excel

We see collaboration as a fundamental factor to support us to excel. Collectively, our combined expertise and efforts out-weigh individual endeavours. Collaboration is the norm and the way we do business and should be expected at all levels of the company.

Inclusive and respect

A community is created through upholding the collective values of respect, loyalty and diversity. Inclusivity allows a sense of belonging to be realised and we acknowledge that individuals have an obligation to ensure all thoughts and actions align to our commitment to building an inclusive Explore and Develop community.

Innovation through change

Innovation is central to our commitment to continuous improvement and our vow to standing out in the crowd. We understand innovation requires a commitment to divergent thinking, risk taking, embracing uncertainty and appropriate resourcing. Through innovation we remain current, abreast of research and a business that will grow into the future.

Quality to excellence

Quality is central to all our endeavours. We will not be complacent in our approach to service and program delivery. Quality can only be realised if we engage in dialogue, debate and evidence based practices.

Sustainability into the future

Our commitment to sustainability occurs on various levels. We invest in our people so to ensure our business is sustainable from a people perspective. We value our contribution to our world however are conscious of the footprint we might leave for future generations. Through sustainable practices we ensure all our work is ethical, generative and conscious.