The Explore & Develop 7th Annual Conference was a unique opportunity for our teams to examine current knowledge and research, best practice perspectives for our children, families and communities.   We were fortunate to hear from internationally and nationally renowned speakers covering a diverse range of topics that added to the knowledge and skills of our educators.

Explore & Develop transition to school


Starting school is a significant milestone in the life of any child and family. Explore & Develop supports the essential foundations for learning for all children and in doing so provides a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum where children are learning important knowledge, skills and attitudes that will not only prepare them for school but for lifelong learning.

Our focus is on making your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible and giving your child important skills to help them enter school as confident, capable and involved learners. We want children to be achievers and most importantly we want children to be happy and excited about moving forward and facing new challenges. Click below to download your copy of our School Transition Booklet.

Download School Transition Booklet

Explore & Develop Annandale book


Explore & Develop Annandale developed this book with their Possum rooms to assist the children in learning the alphabet.
The children searched the streets of Annandale with their families on an architectural alphabet hunt. The results of the alphabet hunt are all captured within the book attached.

Download book