• Why Join Explore & Develop?

    As a selected member of Explore & Develop your commitment and dedication to your career is valued and appreciated. We recognise the professionalism of our teams results in high quality environments that offer children the best start in life.
    We offer a professional and supportive workplace environment with ongoing professional development opportunities.
    We employ over 100 professionals across our services, from Certificate III trained staff to Early Childhood teachers and trainees.

    Your Chosen Career in Early Childhood

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  • Explore & Develop child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop child care and preschool
    Explore & Develop child care and preschool
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  • The Benefits of Joining Explore & Develop

    • Supportive Workplace

      At Explore & Develop, we ensure you feel supported in your career. We believe in positive reinforcement and always encouraging your greatest strengths.

    • Leader in innovation

      Our leading edge progressive environments for educators and children are second to none.

    • Professional Development

      Our commitment to ongoing professional development through our Explore & Develop learning and development programs.

    • Sustainability

      Our ongoing commitment to professional development through our innovative learning and development programs focuses on natural resources and environments.

    • Staff Events

      Our annual conference and integrated service tours are highly beneficial for development and growth.

    • Shared Knowledge

      Our diverse talent pool of industry leaders will guide you to reach your full potential.

    • Experience

      We take pride in our hand-picked team of qualified operations managers. They all possess extensive experience in the Early Childhood sector.

    • Career Advancement

      We offer development and career advancement opportunities to our dedicated employees.

  • Explore & Develop Annual Conference

    The Explore & Develop 7th Annual Conference was a unique opportunity where Explore & Develop educators came together to share in professional learning, to network and to be inspired!

    The Explore & Develop Conference provides learning opportunities for early childhood professionals with all levels of skills and  experience, where new learnings can emerge in this changing sector and equip you to lead and influence your thinking outside of the box.

    • I joined the Explore & Develop team in 2009 and it has been one of my greatest career choices to date. The company is such an inspiring team to work for and with, with amazing opportunities and room to grow. Being able to connect and network with other like minded educators allows you to continuously reflect on your practices. Professional development training opportunities both internal and external keep you up to date with current research. I feel proud to be a part of this innovate team and if you are thinking of taking the next step in your career I would highly recommend becoming a part of the Explore & Develop family

      Andrea Coffin
    • My name is Rachael and I’m lucky enough to work for Explore & Develop Penrith. I am an Early Childhood teacher and I am passionate about providing quality care and education to children.
      I have worked within the Early Childhood sector for approximately 15 years and during that time I have spent time in many different Early learning environments.
      Quality care and education is hard to find, however upon commencing employment with Explore & Develop in 2008 I knew that I had found a service that had the same passion for learning as what I was hoping and expecting of a high quality service.
      Explore & Develop are progressive in their knowledge, learning and environments which is really important in an ever changing sector. They embrace change however also understand that sometimes when something works it doesn’t need changing.
      Explore and Develop is a professional environment which allows for educators to be continuous in their learning. Professional development and learning is offered constantly and educators are encouraged to incorporate their new knowledge in our environment.
      Explore & Develop Penrith is a part of a franchise however each Explore & Develop service is owned and operated individually . What this does mean though is that we have not only a large networking circle between all the services however we a well-qualified support team who have regular input to our services.
      So if you are looking for a working environment that allows for your input, your professional knowledge, your commitment to quality care and educators along with working within a supportive team environment then Explore & Develop is the place for you.

      Rachael Sydir
      Nominated Supervisor (Penrith), Certified Supervisor (Penrith South)
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