• Unique Environments
    We provide a haven for everyday discovery and learning. Our environments are natural and reflective of home.
  • Learning Programs
    We offer daily programs that reflect a calm, relaxed and unrushed environment for growing and learning.
  • Owner/Operator
    All Explore & Develop services are individually owned and operated, by passionate professionals who are on site daily ensuring high quality education and care.
  • Our Educators
    We value the commitment, dedication, and professionalism of our educators and their desire to give every child a great start in life.
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  • Why Explore & Develop

    At Explore & Develop, we treasure the time it takes children to grow, and believe that all children should have the opportunity to develop at their own rate, in their own time and that learning should occur in an unrushed environment.
    We value the knowledge and experience of our teams and their dedication to providing education and care environments that are enriching and meaningful to the children within them. We carry with us the belief that children learn through play within environments that are thoughtfully created and with learning opportunities in the foresight.
    • Innovative Programs
    • Caring and Nurturing
    • Embracing Diversity
    • Emergent Educational Programs
    • Health & Well-being Programs
    • Commitment to Sustainability
    • Leading Passionate Educators
    • Preschool Programs
    • Value Parent Contribution
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